Twenty year old Raymond Atticus had had it with Seadon.  He decided he had to get out.  He’d set himself a few important rules to observe while he prepared to leave the coastal city.  He’d avoid Class A drugs – they were too easily available.  He’d abstain from sex, because his cock had a brain of its own.  And, most importantly, he’d do his best to stay on everyone’s good side.  Admittedly, easier said than done in a place like Seadon...(more)

From Guy N Smith’s gigantic flesh-hungry crabs in ‘Night Of The Crabs’ to James Herbert’s swarming hordes of savage black rats in ‘The Rats’; creatures on the rampage have always been a sure-fire premise for delivering an action-packed and nail-biting pulp horror novel.

Over the years, horror authors have produced novels utilising a veritable array of creatures. DLS Reviews offers up an impressively comprehensive list of these novels, broken down by the various species of rampaging beastie.



Whether it’s a zombie outbreak, a post-nuclear dystopian world, a plague epidemic, a massive natural disaster or an extra-terrestrial threat... end of the world fiction will always catch the imagination of its readers.  Although this is certainly not a complete list, DLS Reviews does however offer up an impressive list with accompanying reviews of a large number of post-apocalyptic novels.  And the list will keep on growing until the end if days...




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