Jack Ketchum (whose real name was Dallas William Mayr) was a hard-hitting horror and dark fiction author hailing from the US. Ketchum was one of the founding authors of the splatterpunk / extreme horror scene, due predominantly to the impact of his highly revered debut novel ‘Off Season’ (1980).

Ketchum’s novel ‘The Girl Next Door’ (1989) which was loosely based on the real-life murder of Sylvia Likens, is often recognised as one of the most disturbing of extreme horror novels to be published.

Although most of Ketchum’s novels were published through mass market hardback and paperback publications, a large volume of his work has also been published in limited numbered collectible formats and editions.

Over the years, many of Ketchum’s titles have been made into films. The author also turned his hand to film screenplay writing on a number of other projects.

Ketchum sadly passed away in January of 2018.




















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