Over the years audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way of enjoying the latest releases.  Pretty much every new mainstream horror title now has an audio version released alongside the book (or shortly afterwards). Furthermore, over time it's often the case that further audio versions of the same story are recorded and released. Sometimes condensed into a bridged version, sometimes involving a full audio cast, sometimes re-written to suit the audio format; the original written tale is often reinvented and painstakingly adapted to varying degrees of success. DLS Reviews attempts to look at some of these audiobook recordings to gauge their respective success.

Producer / Author:

Audio Production:

Basilico, Rene (and Robert Holmes)

Aliens In The Mind - BBC Radio 4 (2006) 7/10

Boulle, Pierre

Planet Of The Apes - Greg Wise (2012) 7/10

Chambers, Robert W.

The King In Yellow - The Society Of The Yellow Sign / Steve Lines (2007) 9/10


Dreadtime Stories: Volume 1 - Various (2012) 9/10

Herbert, James

The Fog - Gareth Armstong (2007)  9/10

The Secret Of Crickley Hall - David Rintoul (2012) 6.5/10

Lovecraft, H.P.

Spine Chillers - The Outsider - Doug Bradley (2008) 9.5/10

Pemberton, Victor

The Slide - BBC Radio (2007) 7/10

Stoker, Bram

Dracula - BBC Radio 4 (2010) 6/10


Vampire Horror! - Various (2011) 7/10

Chilling Ghost Stories - Andrew Sachs (2012) 8.5/10

More Chilling Ghost Stories - Various (2013) 7.5/10

Appointment With Fear - Valentine Dyall (2010) 8/10

Wyndham, John

The Day Of The Triffids - BBC Radio 4 (2006) 9.5/10

The Midwich Cuckoos - BBC Radio 4 (2007) 9.5/10

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