Issue 30 (June 1991)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
The Fall Of Hyperion [Extract] – Dan Simmons – 2 Pages
Here we have a two page extract from US horror author Dan Simmons’ novel ‘The Fall Of Hyperion’ (1990) which formed the second instalment into the author’s ‘Hyperion Cantos’ series.

Graveyard Boogie – Derek Rutherfod – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Cries From The Deep – John Green – 2 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Animator – Sara Gwenllian Jones – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Mothership – Ned Barrett – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Blue Narcissus – Huw Collingbourne – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Hand That Feeds – Kylie Bevan
– 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Robert Charles Wilson – Fiction File 41 – 0.5 Pages
“Robert Charles Wilson is fast becoming one of the quiet heroes of science fiction, writes Liz Holliday.”

Robert Anton Wilson – Fiction File 42 – 0.5 Pages
“James Wallis checks that his watch hasn’t melted into the landscape and talks to Robert Anton Wilson, an author apparently bent on resurrecting the Surrealist Manifesto.”

Robert Rankin – Fiction File 43 – 0.5 Pages
“Robert Rankin is a man who has seen the swinging 60s and lived, although the way he tells it it was a close run thing… Colin Munroe investigates.”

Mark Morris – Close To The Mark – 1 Page
“From the heady days of punk, via Elland Road and the Enterprise Allowance scheme to being a full-time horror writer… Pete Crowther charts the rise and rise of Mark Morris.”

Anne McCaffrey – Reptile Romance – 2 Pages
“Liz Holliday fires up her dragon and takes a ride into the mind of Anne McCaffrey.”

Neil Gaiman – Sweet Dreams Of Despair – 4 Pages
“The award winning comics writer Neil Gaiman explains how he approaches the task of scripting Sandman every month.  James Wallis reports…”

The World Of Fear:
Rodman Flender – Designed For Trouble – 2 Pages
“JB Macabre breaks out the diapers and nappy-rash cream before delving into the horrors of infancy with Rodman Flender.”

Stephen Lawhead – Celtic Drama – 1 Page
“Stephen Lawhead writes that rarest form of fantasy – one actually based on authentic Celtic mythology.  John Gilbert dusts off his torcs, slipsinto a druidical frame of mind and seeks out this enigma.”

John Carpenter – The Invisible Man Revealed – 1 Page
“From splendours of Dark Star, through Halloween and The Fog, the genius of cult hero John Carpenter shines through.  Thomas Nilsson met up with him in California for yet another FEAR exclusive.”

The Strange Case Of Charles Dexter Ward – The Resurrection Shuffle – 2 Pages
“JB Macabre, a man who loves the craft of film making, unleashes news about the filming of The Strange Case Of Charles Dexter Ward.”

Maniac Cop 2 – Maniacal Realism
– 1 Page
“Police brutality’s bad enough when it’s only mortal cops who are doffing you up in the comfort of your own home.  An undead psychopathic copper is worse news – he doesn’t even have the prospect of losing his pension to moderate his behaviour.  John Gilbert dons body armour and tackles the director of Maniac Cop 2.”

John Buechler – Waking Up The Twilight Man – 1 Page
“Emerging from the depths of the cosmetic counter, JB Macabre brandishes his blusher and tries to find out how John Buechler made it big.”

John Russo – Voodoo Dawn – 1 Page
“Humming the chorus to ‘Voodoo Chile’, FEAR’s very own Mr Mojo – JB Macabre – raised a few questions for John Russo.”

KW Jeter – Time Wars And Loathing – 1 Page
“The present may be bad enough, and the prospects for the future might stop your heart, but according to KW Jeter, they’re as nothing compared to the nightmares locked up in the past.  Les Escott takes a history lesson in the psychology of horror.”

Fear Factor:
Martin Asbury – The Storyboard Artist – 6 Pages
“Stan Nicholls starts off a new series about the men who make movies by talking to the world renowned storyboard artist, Martin Asbury.”

Graphic Novels – Graphic Detail – 3 Pages
“Warren Lapworth, owner of the largest comics collection in Ludlow (not such a great featm we admit), grabs a few new and established titles and settles down for a cosy read…”

Book Reviews:
American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis  4/5
Gypsies – Robert Charles Wilson  4/5
Homme Fatale: A Novel Of Desire - Paul Mayersberg  3/5
Hear The Children Calling – Clare McNally  2/5
Armageddon The Musical – Robert Rankin  3/5
The Jonah Kit – Ian Watson  3.5/5
Gauntlet – Barry Hoffman  4/5
Lullaby – Diane Guest  2.5/5
Stranger In A Strange Land – Robert A Heinlein  4.5/5
The Great Hunt:  Book Two Of The Wheel Of Time – Robert Jordan  2.5/5
Wolves And Werewolves – John Pollard  3.5/5
Exile – RA Salvatore  3.5/5
The Mammoth Book Of Terror – Stephen Jones  3/5
Better Than Life – Rob Grant and Doug Naylor  3/5
Demon Blues – Esther Friesner  3/5
Dracula Unbound – Brian Aldiss  4/5
The Face that
Must Die – Ramsey Campbell  4.5/5
The Night Man – KW Jeter  3.5/5
Revision – Kit Reed  4/5
The Alpha Box – Annie Dalton  4/5
The Door Into Shadow - Diane Duane  3.5/5

Film Reviews:
Dark Side Of The Moon - Directed by DJ Webster  2.5/5
After The Shock:  The San Francisco Earthquake - Directed by Gary Sherman  2.5/5
Catchfire - Directed by Alan Smithee  4/5
Nightbreed - Directed by Clive Barker  4/5
Goodfellas - Directed by Martin Scorsese  4/5
Night Of The Fox - Directed by Charles Jarrott  2/5
UFO Café - Directed by Paul Schneider  3/5
Ghost - Directed by Jerry Zucker  4/5
A Shock To The System - Directed by Jan Egleson  4/5
Highlander II: The Quickening - Directed by Russell Mulcahy  3/5
Graveyard Shift - Directed by Ralph S Singleton  1/5
The Silence Of The Lambs - Directed by Jonathan Demme  4.5/5
Slaughter High - Directed by George Dugdale, Mark Ezra & Peter Litten  2.5/5
Arena - Directed by Peter Manoogian  4/5
The Lair Of The White Worm - Directed by Ken Russell  3.5/5
Rawhead Rex - Directed by George Pavlou  3.5/5
The Twilight Zone: Volumes 3, 4 & 5 - Directed by John Brahm. Joseph Newman & Richard C Saraflan etc  4.5/5
Food Of The Gods II - Directed by Damien Lee  3.5/5
Class Of 1999 - Directed by Mark L Lester  3.5/5

Music Reviews:
Essential Science Fiction Sound Effects Vol 1 & Vol 2 – Various  4/5
Beautiful Disaster – Cheap And Nasty  3/5
The Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth – Skyclad  3.5/5
Third Eye – Redd Kross  4/5
Saigon Kick – Saigon Kick  4/5


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