Issue 31 (July 1991)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
The Confessional Box – Stuart Moran – 5.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Mooder – David FitzSydney – 2 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Headstone – Julian King – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Digger – Malcolm K Twigg – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Country Roads – Martin Plumbridge - 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Robert McCammon – Fiction File 44 – 0.5 Pages
“A mental film-maker who rates books above movies and reckons he’ll never stop learning: JB Macabre tunes in on one creative writer’s concerns.”

Rex Miller – Fiction File 45 – 0.5 Pages
“Vietnam bore some deadly babies, but none more grotesque than Rex Miller’s straight-razor wielding man mountain of a psychopath, Chaingang.  John Gilbert review his birth.”

Graham Joyce – Fiction File 46 – 0.5 Pages
“John Gilbert discovers how a dream to write came true on a Greek island.”

Randall Boyll – Fiction File 47 – 0.5 Pages
“Rising authors can get a helping hand from the cash-in-quick world of movie tie-ins as JB Macabre and John Gilbert discover.”

Guy Gavriel Kay – Lord Of Tigana – 1 Page
“Guy Gavriel Kay’s novel Tigana is out in paperback this month.  Liz Holliday talks to him about his inspirations…”

Collector’s Edition:
Guy N Smith – Collector’s Edition – 1 Page
“In the first of an occasional series dedicated to bestselling authors with long and proven track record, Andy Oldfield talks to the estimable and amiable Guy N Smith.”

The World Of Fear:
The Pit And The Pendulum – It’s The Pit! – 2 Pages
“JB Macabre and Steve Biodrowski steep themselves in Stuart Gordon’s ambitions for an Edgar Allan Poe classic remake.”

A Nightmare On Elm Street VI: Damaged Goods? – 1 Page
“It’s over, the monster is no more, and FEAR’s Steve Biodrowski gets Robert Englund to prove it – sort of…”

Film Prosthetics – With Immediate Effect.. – 2 Pages
“JB Macabre, a man who knows what’s what when it comes to prosthetics, reports on three men who know even more.”

American Psycho – In My Opinion: Psycho By Design – 1.5 Pages
“Controversy and condemnation can hype an author – and even his mediocre novel.  Ramsey Campbell gives Bret Easton Ellis a piece of his mind on American Psycho…”

Suburban Commando – Urban Space Opera – 0.5 Pages
“FEAR gets into the ring and battles an unlikely scenario for stardom…”

Fear Factor:
Apocalyptic Films – Maybe Apocalypse Now? – 6 Pages
“All that begins must end.  And since time immemorial mankind has morbidly predicted its own extinction.  What more graphic way to feed this obsession that the lurid medium of film!  FEAR books a ride on the Apocalypse Express and views the subject to end them all…”

Edward Scissorhands – Shear Genius – 4 Pages
“Mark Salisbury gives director Tim Burton a short back and sides and uncovers memories and feelings that led to Edward Scissorhands and the fears that precede his Batman 2…”

Herschell Gordon Lewis – Budget Chops – 3 Pages
“Hailed as the godfather of gore movies and first of the splatterers Herschell Gordon Lewis ranks as one of America’s more influential low budget film makers.  FEAR’s Thomas Neillson braves cleavers and pick-axes to cut through to the heart of the man…”

Graphic Novels – Graphic Detail – 3 Pages
“Warren Lapworth walks the line between good and evil, taking shots from either side as more comics and graphic novels enter the fray.”

Book Reviews:
The Book Of Conquests – Jim Fitzpatrick  2.5/5
A Time Of Exile – Katharine Kerr  3.5/5
Wulf – Steve Harris  4.5/5
The Dragon In The Stone – Allan Scott  3.5/5
Chicago Loop – Paul Theroux  4/5
The Paradise War: A Song Of Albion Book 1 – Stephen Lawhead  4.5/5
Greeley’s Cove – John Gideon  4/5
Lovecraft’s Legacy – Robert Weinberg and Martin Greenberg  3.5/5
Prince Ivan – Peter Morwood  3.5/5
Reunion – John Gribbin and Marcus Chown  3.5/5
Facets – Walter Jon Williams  3/5
Reaper Man – Terry Pratchett  4/5
The Tower Of Fear – Glen Cook  4.5/5
Servants Of Twilight – Dean R Koontz  4/5
Charon: A Dragon At The Gate – Jack L Chalker  3.5/5
White Lies – Christopher Hyde  4/5

Film Reviews:
Vampire In Venice - Directed by Augusto Caminito  3/5
Intruder - Directed by Scott Spiegel  3.5/5
Captain Planet And The Planeteers Vol 1  2/5
Vamp - Directed by Richard Wenk  5/5
Don’t Panic - Directed by Ruben Galindo Jr  1.5/5
Red Sonja - Directed by Richard Fleischer  1.5/5
Last Call - Directed by Jag Mundhra  1.5/5
The Face Of Fear - Directed by Farhad Man  3.5/5
Frankenstein Unbound - Directed by Roger Corman  5/5
Flatliners - Directed by Joel Schumacher  4/5
Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future - Directed by Otta Hanus and Jorge Montesi  3/5
Arachnophobia - Directed by Frank Marshall  4/5
The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter - Directed by George Miller  4.5/5
Impulse - Directed by Sondra Locke  3.5/5
Eve Of Destruction - Directed by Duncan Gibbins  3/5
Jezebel’s Kiss - Directed by Harvey Keith  1.5/5
Chimera - Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark  4.5/5

Music Reviews:
Edward Scissorhands – Danny Elfman  4.5/5
Rusted Pieces – Megadeth  3.5/5
Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw – Rose Tattoo  4/5
Beautiful Disaster – Cheap And Nasty  3/5
Dugs, God And The New Republic – Warrior Soul  4/5
Scapegoats – Green On Red  3/5
Sanity Obscure – Believer  3/5


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