Issue 29 (May 1991)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
God Save The King – Ross McGovern – 2 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Flesh – Jeff Vandermeer – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Through A Glass – Rick Cadger – 3 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Legs – Ben Hollander – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

A Little Light Music – Steve Burford – 3 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Othersyde – J Michael Straczynski – 1 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Creature – David William Sheridan – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Geoff Ryman – Fiction File 38 – 0.5 Pages
“Literary and challenging, Geoff Ryman has been described as one of the few originals working in SF.  Andy Oldfield fills in the details.”

Ellen Kushner – Fiction File 39 – 0.5 Pages
“Liz Holliday takes a trip out of ordinary reality and enters the realm of Faerie to sing the praises of one of the most engaging fantasises to zap mortal brains for a long time.”

Joan Slonczewski – Fiction File 40 – 0.5 Pages
“Religion, extra-terrestrials and communal politics in the wake of nuclear war form the backdrop to Liz Holliday’s latest literary excursion.”

Michael Ironside – A Taste Of Steel – 4 Pages
“John Gilbert irons out a few facts about the nature of evil and the intricacies of sword play with a master of contemporary screen villainy, Michael Ironside.”

The World Of Fear:
Terminator 2 – Terminal Distress – 2 Pages
“Armed with only a catapult and a broken pea-shooter, the fearless JB Macabre rushed in where angels feared to tread and amazingly lived to report on Terminator 2.”

The Personal Touch – 1 Page
“Brandishing his pocket calculator and a beginners guide to merchant banking, John Gilbert embraces the enterprise culture and talks profit margins with comic shop owner, Mike Conroy.”

The Rocky Horror Show - The Revenge Of The Old Queen – 1 Page
“Donning lacy underwear and boldly shaving legs that have never been shaved before, John Gilbert pitches his tent in the company of the King of Camp.”

Maggie Greenwald – Fatal Secrets – 1 Page
“John Gilbert, a man who is never happier than when he’s exploring the seamy side of low-life sleaze, chats up a woman making her mark in a man’s world.”

Fear Factor:
Misery – Studies In Applied Misery – 2 Pages
“Humility and altruism are not the attributes you would expect to find in a Hollywood scriptwriter.  Nigel Floyd gives William Goldman a vehicle to show the world otherwise.”

Misery – Fanning The Flames Of Psychosis – 2 Pages
“Is the rumour true?  Has someone actually made a decent film version of a Stephen King novel?  Mark Salisbury talks to Rob Reiner and puts us out of our misery.”

Army Of Darkness – Raimi On The Rampage – 2 Pages
“The Evil Dead are about to walk again.  Our very own soldier of fortune, JB Macabre, reports from field HQ and files an advance intelligence report… an interview with Sam Raimi no less.”

Omen IV – Bad Omens: Signs Of The Times – 5 Pages
“The Devil is alive and well and living in the USA.  Armaggedon is imminent according to Uncle Sam’s fundamentalist whacko contingent.  Well, if it’s the Antichrist they’re after, they need look no further than Steve Biodrowski’s report on the making of Omen IV.”

Graphic Novels – Graphic Detail – 3 Pages
“A rather more eclectic selection than usual as once again Warren Lapworth girds his loins, flexes his critical muscles and plunges into another heavy session of comic reviewing.”

Book Reviews:
Bill, The Galactic Hero… On The Planet Of The Robot Slaves – Harry Harrison  2.5/5
Queen Of Angels – Greg Bear  3.5/5
Fall Of Hyperion – Dan Simmons  4/5
One Rainy Night – Richard Laymon  1.5/5
Outside The Dog Museum – Jonathan Carroll  5/5
Prime Directive – Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens  4/5
Dark Matter - Garfield Reeves-Stevens  4.5/5
Entropy’s Bed At Midnight – Dan Simmons  4/5
Warhammer 40,000: Deathwing – Neil Jones and David Pringle  2.5/5
Eight Skilled Gentlemen – Barry Hughart  5/5
Wolfking – Bridget Wood  3.5/5
How To Write Tales Of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction – JN Williamson  4/5
Dark Ashram – Leo Giroux Jr  2.5/5
Dark Future: Krokodil Tears  - Jack Yeovil  4/5
Warhammer: Shadowbreed – David Ferring  3/5
Scare Care – Graham Masterton  4.5/5
The King Of The Hill – Paul J McAuley  4/5
Cerberus: A Wolf In The Fold – Jack L Chalker  4/5
A Ticket To The Boneyard – Lawrence Block  4/5
The Witching Hour – Anne Rice  3.5/5
Othersyde – J Michael STraczynski  2.5/5

Film Reviews:
Mr Frost - Directed by Philip Setbon  3.5/5
Howling VI: The Freaks - Directed by 1.5/5
The Handmaid’s Tale - Directed by Volker Schlondorff  3.5/5
The Flash - Directed by Robert Iscove  3/5
Maniac Cop 2 - Directed by William Lustig  3/5
Red Blooded American Girl - Directed by David Blyth  1/5
Nikita - Directed by Luc Besson  1/5
Repossessed - Directed by Bob Logan  2/5
Beyond The Stars - Directed by David Saperstein  3.5/5
Captain America - Directed by Albert Pyun  1/5
Grave Secrets - Directed by Donald P Borchers  3.5/5
First Fright Presents: Deathstalker III: The Warriors From Hell - Directed by Alfonso Corona  1/5
First Fright Presents: Zombie High - Directed by Ron Link  0.5/5
The Abyss - Directed by James Cameron  4/5
Spontaneous Combustion - Directed by Tobe Hooper  1/5
Predator 2 - Directed by Stephen Hopkins  4/5
Misery - Directed by Rob Reiner  4.5/5

Music Reviews:
1916 – Motorhead
History Rewritten – Atom God
Elizium – Fields Of The Nephilim
Kinghorse – Kinghorse
Deathcharge – Warfare
Subconscious Release – Desecrator

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