Issue 28 (April 1991)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
The Spirit Of The Back Stairs – Darrell Schweitzer – 4 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Shadow – Rand Soellner – 8.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Ultimate Groupie – Barry Hoffman – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Henry B Waxfolly’s Exploding Head – Stratford A Kirby
– 4 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Pauline Fisk – Fiction File 36 – 0.5 Pages
“Legend, folklore and a sense of place combined with strong characterisation are the hallmarks of Pauline Fisk’s new novel, as Andy Oldfield found out.”

Penelope Lucas – Fiction File 37 – 0.5 Pages
“There may be no short cuts to ecstasy but, as FEAR’s John Gilbert discovered from Penelope Lucas, the ancient powers of the shaman – to fly, to shift shape and to talk with spirits – appeals to a growing number of modern, fast-living, urbanites.”

Stan Lee – A Web Of Marvels – 5 Pages
“FEAR’s Pat Jankiewicz swings into Hollywood to interview Stan Lee – the legendary king of comicdom.”

The World Of Fear:
Gary Brandner – Howling Success – 1.5 Pages
“Tooling up with silver bullets and keeping a wary eye out for full moons, David Whitehead went out in search of Gary Brandner – lycanthrophile and prolific author.”

Michael Elphick – Born To Be Wild – 0.5 Pages
“Owning a restaurant can be very useful as John Gilbert found out when he talked to Michael Elphick about garlic and vampire motorcycles.”

Charles de Lint – The Grey Rose Blooms – 1 Page
“Genre crossing is a neat trick – when it works.  Charles de Lint has no problems on that score, reports John Gilbert.”

Fear Factor:
Anthony Hopkins – The Abominable Dr Lector – 4 Pages
“Nothing in David Lynch’s Elephant Man or Richard Attenborough’s Magic prepared Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins for the role of Dr Hannibal Lector in The Silence Of The Lambs.  JB Macabre analyses the man behind…”

Puppet Master II – Pulling The Strings Of Fear – 2 Pages
“Can you imagine The Woodentops with flame throwers and personality problems?  Neither could we, so we sent JB Macabre down on the set to see what was happening with David Schmoeller’s script for Puppet Master II.”

Animating The Animus – 3 Pages
“Liz Holliday does the time warp with Ursula Le Guin, maps out the politics of power and patriarchy, travels the Tao and learns about the interconnectedness of journeying and self-knowledge.”

Graphic Novels – Graphic Detail – 3 Pages
“It’s the April issue of FEAR, which means Warren Lapworth’s in high spirits as he celebrates Graphic Detail’s first birthday (and its coverage of 111 comic/graphic novels) with the critical appraisal of yet more comics and graphic novels…”

Macabre Music:
Sepultura – Brazilian Metal – 1 Page
“John Gilbert, a keen Samba fan and devoted fan of Brazil nuts, clears up a few misconceptions with Brazilian band, Sepultura.”

Loud – Big And Loud - 0.5 Pages
“John Gilbert unplugs his earphones, switches his tape machine to record and makes with the questions.”

Book Reviews:
Angry Candy – Harlan Ellison  3.5/5
The Covenant Of The Flame – David Morrell  4.5/5
Vision Of The Hunter – John Tempest  4.5/5
Night Plague – Graham Masterton  3/5
Grass – Sheri S Tepper  3.5/5
A Cry Of Shadows – Ed Gorman  3/5
Hollywood Gothic – David J Skal  5/5
Stitch – Mark Morris  5/5
Strands Of Starlight – Gaèl Baudino  4/5
Midnight Blue – Pauline Fisk  3.5/5
In Darkness Waiting – John Shirley  2/5
King Arthur And His Knights – Deirdre Headon  5/5
Devil Take The Hindmost – Simon R Green  3.5/5
State Of The Art – Iain M Banks  4/5
The Transition Of Titus Crow  - Brian Lumley  3.5/5
Puppetmaster – Mike McQuay  2/5
Atlas Of Magical Britain – Janet and Colin Bord  4/5
The Black Fedora – Guy N Smith  2.5/5
The Power – James Mills  4/5
Sexual Chemistry: Sardonic Tales Of Genetic Revolution – Brian Stableford  3.5/5
Polar City Blues – Katherine Kerr  2/5

Film Reviews:
The Godfather Part III - Directed by Francis Ford Coppola  5/5
Fear - Directed by Rockne S O’Bannon  3.5/5
War Party - Directed by Franc Roddam  4/5
Howling II - Directed by Phillip Mora  0.5/5
Bad Taste - Directed by Peter Jackson  3.5/5
Blake’s 7: Cassettes 3&4 - Directed by Michael E Briant, Vere Lorrimer, Pennant Roberts & Douglas Camfield  4/5
Blake’s 7: Cassette 5 - Directed by Michael E Briant  2.5/5
Exterminator 2 - Directed by Mark Buntzman  0.5/5
Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers - Directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard  2/5
V - Directed by Kenneth Johnson  2.5/5
Fly II - Directed by Chris Walas  2.5/5
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Directed by Jim Sharman  4/5
Mirror Mirror - Directed by Marina Sargenti  3/5
Schizo - Directed by Manny Coto  3/5
The Exorcist III - Directed by William Peter Blatty  3/5

Music Reviews:
Stampede – Kronus  3.5/5
Howlin’ Yowlin’ Screamin’ Mess – Gargleblud 3.5/5
Darkman – Danny Elfman  3/5
Edward Scissorhands – Danny Elfman  4/5
Misery – Marc Shaiman  2.5/5
Hardcore Holocaust – Various  1/5
Hard ‘N’ Heavy Volume 10 – Various  3.5/5


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