Issue 27 (March 1991)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
Revenge Of The Heavy Metal Vampires – Adrian Cole – 4.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Drive Time – Craig Turner – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Black Coffee – David L Duggins – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

A Letter Of Intent – Peter Dolan – 1.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Karen Joy Fowler – Fiction File 32 – 0.5 Pages
“Personality and character are mysterious entities – especially in works of fiction – as Liz Holliday found out in conversation with the author of Sarah Canary.”

Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis – Fiction File 33 – 0.5 Pages
“Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis are that strange phenomenon: writers of genre fantasy who regularly make the New York Times bestseller lists.  Liz Holliday reports…”

Jenny Nimmo – Fiction File 34 – 0.5 Pages
“There’s more to children’s fiction than comic-book turtles.  Andy Oldfield travelled to Wales to talk with Jenny Nimmo.”

Trevor Barnes – Fiction File 35 – 0.5 Pages
“John Gilbert discusses the latest criminal case which Trevor Barnes has landed Blanche Hampton with – it’s gruesome, it’s based on fact and it’s all done in the best possible taste.”

Dennis Wheatley – Separating The Chaff From The Wheatley – 2 Pages
“As the Dennis Wheatley canon goes back into print, John Gilbert dives straight for the heart of the Black Magic box with fond reminiscences of his childhood addiction to such diabolical shenanigans.”

The World Of Fear:
Mary Gentle – City Of Rats – 1 Page
“Liz Holliday takes a sideways trip through the history of the philosophy of science in the company of Mary Gentle.”

Dark Shadows – Throwing Light On Dark Shadows – 1.5 Pages
“We may be inundated with American television in the UK, but we haven’t got the re-created legendary Dark Shadows on our screens!  JB Macabre gloats from the other side of the Atlantic.”

Fear Factor:
The Dark Council – 4 Pages
“Are Satanism and the Black Arts thriving in late 20th century Britain?  Stan Nicholls takes a walk on the black and dangerous side with paranormal investigator Andrew Collins.”

Speak Of The Devil – 3 Pages
“Armed with only a rusty pentacle and a credit card dipped in Holy Water, Andy Oldfield pulled on his asbestos long johns and readied himself for an amazing FEAR scoop: an interview with the Prince of Hell.”

Satan On Celluloid – 3 Pages
“How’s a fallen angel supposed to earn his living?  Well, the film industry springs to mind as an avenue suited to his skills.  Kim Newman raids the vaults and uncovers the Devil’s mark in the movies.”

Forbidden Fruit – 2 Pages
“Conjuring up demons may not be everybody’s cup of teas.  John Gilbert steps inside his protective circle and ponders the nature of magic itself.”

The Infernal Antropologist – 1 Page
“Ah, those halcyon days of the Summer of Love, when Jesus boots and devil worship were all the craze on the campus.  Andy Oldfield dusts down his kaftan and gets reacquainted with Carlos Castaneda and everyone’s favourite witch-doctor – Don Juan.”

Demon Lovers
– 2 Pages
“Andy Oldfield sets off down the left-hand path to explore sex and the part it’s purported to play in the Devil’s scheme of things.”

Sex And Chaos:  Neo-Paganism And The New Age – 2 Pages
“Storm Constantine charts the origins of modern paganism in ancient and noble beliefs and dispels the fiction that Satan is at the heart of witchcraft.”

Unfrocked – 2 Pages
“Sorting out the myth from the reality is not always straightforward.  John Gilbert examines the topsy-turvy world of the Black Mass and asks what it is that attracts people to Satanism.”

The Comic Antichrist – 1 Page
“Warren Lapworth follows the Devil’s footsteps into the world of comic books.”

Graphic Novels - Graphic Detail – 3 Pages
“Warren Lapworth maintains a stiff upper lip, despite his comics column being stuffed to the back of the mag, and reviews another wad of releases.”

Book Reviews:
Ultramarine – Jenny Nimmo  4.5/5
Splatterpunks – Paul M Sammon  3/5
Digital Dreams – David V Barrett  5/5
Greenmantle – Charles de Lint  4.5/5
Diary Of A Spaceperson – Chris Foss  3/5
The Best Of The Nebulas – Ben Bova  3.5/5
Moving Pictures – Terry Pratchett  5/5
The Ultimate Guide To Science Fiction – David Pringle  3/5
Desolation Road – Ian McDonald  4/5
Castleview – Gene Wolfe  3.5/5
Frankenstein Unbound – Brian Aldiss  4/5
A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg – Tim Cahill  3.5/5
Midnight’s Sun – Garry Kilworth  4/5
Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks – Garry Kilworth  3/5
Lie To Me – David Martin  3.5/5
The Magical World Of The Inklings – Gareth Knight  4/5
Needing Ghosts – Ramsey Campbell  4/5
Enchanted Pilgrimage – Clifford D Simak  3/5
Maelstorm – Paul Preuss  2.5/5
Something’s Alive On The Titanic – Robert Serling  4/5

Film Reviews:
A Terracotta Warrior - Directed by Ching Siu-Tung  4/5
A Chinese Ghost Story II - Directed by Ching Siu-Tung  4/5
Night Of The Living Dead - Directed by Tom Savini  3/5
The King Of New York - Directed by Abel Ferrara  5/5
Terror At The Opera - Directed by DarioArgento  3.5/5
Communion - Directed by Phillipe Mora  2/5
I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle - Directed by Dirk Campbell  2/5
Alienator - Directed by Fred Olen Ray  1/5
Dick Tracy - Directed by Warren Beatty  4/5
Hardware - Directed by Richard Stanley  4/5
The Guardian - Directed by William Friedkin  3/5
Spaced Invaders - Directed by Patrick Read Johnson  4/5
The Stepfather 2 - Directed by Jeff Burr  2.5/5
Child In The Night - Directed by Mike Robe  2/5
Grave Misdemeanours - Directed by David Acomba  3/5
Gremlins 2 - Directed by Joe Dante  2/5
Warlock - Directed by Steve Miner  3/5
Child’s Play - Directed by Tom Holland  4.5/5

Music Reviews:
Painkiller – Judas Priest  5/5
The Collection – Donovan  4/5
Music For A Dark Theatre – Danny Elfman  4/5
Passion And Warfare – Steve Vai  4/5

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