Issue 19 (July 1990)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
The Last Act In The Drama Of World War II – John Brunner
– 4 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Diary Of Harold James Loman – Peter J Baker – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Playing For The Audience – Stratford A Kirby – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Character Role – Tony J Forder – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Fifth Horseman – John Pritchard – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Lexicon’s Child – Stephen Ferber – 4.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Danny Elfman – Music Of The Night
– 6 Pages
“Batman, Beetlejuice, Nightbreed and Darkman: Danny Elfman has composed a magical catalogue of film score successes.  However, despite his long association with the mysterious band Oingo Boingo, this musical maestro is more than just a phantom of the opera.  FEAR’s J B Macabre cranks up the volume.”

Terry Pratchett – Death And The Modem – 4 Pages
“All right, so he’s written fourteen books in the last seven years.  Pyramids, the seventh Discworld novel, won the British Science Fiction Award for the best novel of 1989, and Gollancz have paid more for Good Omens – a collaboration with Neil Gaiman – than they’ve ever paid for a book before.  But what has Terry Pratchett been doing?  Colin Greenland finds out.”

Fiction Files:
Katherine Kerr – Fiction File 4
– 0.5 Pages
“American writer Katherine Kerr, whose Dragonspell was published recently, has a fascination with all things Celtic that goes beyond her surname.  Here she talks to John Gilbert about magic, mud, and the human capacity for flight...”

Stephen Laws – Fiction File 5 – 0.5 Pages
“As his new novel blasts into bookshops, Stephen Laws, the Newcastle-based author of Ghost Train, Spectre and The Wyrm, puts the frighteners on FEAR’s John Gilbert.”

Stuart Jackson – Fiction File 6 – 0.5 Pages
“Stuart Jackson talks to John Gilbert about Tracers, his new SF/AIDS chiller that takes the potential terror of an AIDS epidemic to its realistic conclusion.”

Thomas Monteleone – Fiction File 7 – 0.5 Pages
“Horror and science fiction author Thomas F Monteleone had also gained a reputation for the acerbic wit of his column in the now defunct Horrorstory magazine.  As his new novel, The Apocalypse Man, comes up for publication, FEAR’s John Gilbert asks him for his most recent genre observations.”

The Fear Factor:
 Graphic Detail
– 2 Pages
“Bats and babies, Asimov and Akira, mutants and Mrrungo-Mu... Warren Lapworth grabs a handful of the latest comics and graphic novels.”

Movie Mainline:
Re-Animator 2 – Better Dead Than Wed
– 5 Pages
“When Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator opened in 1985, it was described by a wit on The Observer as possessing ‘a cheap smell of excess’.  Other critics were hardly more flattering, but the audiences loved it.  Now, Brian Yuzna brings us Re-Animator 2, which already seems to have attracted even more critical flak than its predecessor.  FEAR’s Mark Kermode compares the new movie with the original.”

Book Reviews:
Pyramids – Terry Pratchett  4/5
Ratspike – John Blanche & Ian Miller  3/5
Mindsail – Anne Gay  4/5
Blood And Iron – Les Edwards  4/5
The Dan Dare Dossier – Norman Wright & Mike Higgs  4/5
American Blood John Nichols  4/5
Earth – David Brin  4/5
The Blood Of Roses – Tanith Lee  3/5
The Fire Worm Ian Watson  3/5
Castle In The Air Dianne Wynne-Jones  4/5
Blood Wings Stephen Gresham  1/5
Sunglasses After Dark – Nancy A Collins  3/5
The Empire Of Fear – Brian Stableford  5/5
The Cyborg And The Sorcerors – Lawrence Watt-Evans  1/5
The Frighteners – Stephen Laws  3/5
Goat Dance – Douglas Clegg  2/5
The Death Gate Cycle 1: Dragon Wing - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman 4/5
In A Dark Dream – Charles L Grant  4/5
Gorgon Child – Steven Barnes  3/5
Nightfall – Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg  4/5
Silent Moon – William Relling Jr  2/5

Film Reviews:
Tremors - Directed by Ron Underwood  4/5
The Punisher - Directed by Mark Goldblatt  4/5
I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle - Directed by Dirk Campbell  3/5
Re-Animator 2 - Directed by Brian Yuzna  2/5
Moon44 - Directed by Roland Emmerich  3/5
Black Rainbow - Directed by Mike Hodges  3/5
Clown House - Directed by Victor Salva  2/5
Phantom Of The Mall: Eric’s Revenge - Directed by Richard Friedman  2/5
Millennium - Directed by Michel Anderson  3/5
Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom 2 - Directed by Charles B Griffith  2/5
Final Cut - Directed by Frans Nel  3/5
Heathers - Directed by Michael Lehmann  4/5
The Bite - Directed by Fred Goodfin  1/5
Murder By Night - Directed by Brian Hebb  3/5
Witchtrap - Directed by Kevin S Tenney  1/5
Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure - Directed by Stephen Herek  4/5
Teen Vamp - Directed by Samuel Bradford  1/5
Sinbad Of The Seven Seas - Directed by Enzo G Castellari  2/5
K9000 - Directed by Kim Manners  2/5
Night Shadow - Directed by Randolph Cohlan  2/5
The Dive - Directed by Tristan De Vere Cole  4/5
Nightwish - Directed by Bruce R Cook  2/5
Lobster Man From Mars - Directed by Stanley Sheff  1/5
Sight Unseen - Directed by Greydon Clark  2/5
Apartment Zero - Directed by Martin Donovan  4/5
Day Of The Dead - Directed by George A Romero  4/5
Hellraiser - Directed by Clive Barker  4/5
Cherry 2000 - Directed by Jacques Haitkin  4/5
The Making Of Star Wars/From Star Wars To Jedi/Classic Creatures: Return Of The Jedi  - Robert Guenette  3/5

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