Issue 18 (June 1990)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
The Frighteners – Stephen Laws
– 5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Goat Dance [Extract] – Douglas Clegg – 2.5 Pages
Here we have a two-and-a-half page extract from US horror author Douglas Clegg’s novel ‘Goat Dance’ (1989).

You Are What You Eat – Lorenzo Cosco – 3 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Sacrifices – F W Steel – 6.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Midnight Meeting – Paul Pinn – 4.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Plague Of Hearts – Mark Eyles – 6 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Virginia Andrews – Growing Pains
– 3 Pages
“Despite the preoccupation with childhood misery which haunts many of her novels, Virginia Andrews lived her final years in the same house as her mother.  Shortly before Andrews’ death, Douglas Winter paid a visit to her home near Lynnhaven Bay, Virginia to discover whence the author drew her inspiration.”

William Peter Blatty – Self Possessed – 5 Pages
“Question: What do Inspector Clouseau and the demon Pazuzu have in common?  Answer: Both have delivered dialogue written by William Peter Blatty.  The author of the original Exorcist and director of the upcoming Exorcist 3 talks to Steve Biodrowski about why he traded comedy for the crucifix.”

Fiction Files:
S P Somtow – Fiction File 1
– 0.5 Pages
“Horror, science fiction and historical writer S P Somtow gives FEAR’s John Gilbert a taste of his new cult novel Moon Dance, waxes lyrical over his comedy horror film The Laughing Dead, and reveals details of his long-awaited sequel to the cult classic, Vampire Junction.”

Nicholas Royle – Fiction File 2 – 0.5 Pages
“Nicholas Royle is Britain’s most successful young writer of short horror fiction, but his rapid advance as an author in what some publishers dismiss as a dying medium provides no assurance that he will make it as a novelist or screenplay writer.  Is he living proof that brand name and packaging are more important to publishers than a writer’s skill?  John Gilbert discovers some disappointing truths.”

Kathy Gale – Fiction File 3 – 0.5 Pages
“Kathy Gale, the dynamic senior editor behind the recent relaunch of Pan fantasy, horror and science fiction, tells Mark Westerby what makes a successful list.”

The Fear Factor:
 The Exploitation Game
– 4 Pages
“Do you have an optimum Gore Score?  Are you a trivia hound, or a treasure hunter?  How would you rate Toxic Avenger versus Nekromantik?  In a market fit to bust with horror movies, Julian Petley argues that critics must start living up to their responsibilities by discerning the gems from the dross.”

Indistinguishable From Magic – 3 Pages
“Today’s science fiction may well become tomorrow’s reality, but more often than not it is a part of today’s inner psyche, a window on our collective consciousness.  For years Larry Niven has created magic and called it technology.  Few writers – the late, great Frank Herbert among them – have managed to create truly ‘other’ worlds. ‘other’ cultures that sweep the imagination before them in the way that Niven and (often) his collaborators have done.  It could only be a matter of time before he came back from the Ringworlds and Motes to Earth to find anew the magic of our own cultural imaginings, first in the Dream Park and now The Barsoom Project, published last moth by Pan Books.  FEAR’s Liz Holliday and Roger Kean dream.”

In The Blood – 4 Pages
“After over a hundred and eighty monthly magazine covers, fifty-four pages of colour comic strip, thirty posters of various sizes and literally hundreds of colour and mono editorial illustrations since 1984, Oliver Frey finds himself the focus of this month’s Fear Factor...”

Graphic Details – 2 Pages
“Warren Lapworth watches the wildlife to bring you more comics reviews.”

Movie Mainline:
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 – Here Comes A Chopper...
– 2 Pages
“There is a saying in Hollywood that screenplays aren’t written – they’re rewritten.  The Father of Splatterpunk David J Schow tells Philip Nutman how they gutted Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.”

Book Reviews:
The Stand [uncut edition] – Stephen King
Perspectives: A Radical Exacmination Of The Alien Abduction Phenomenon – John Spencer
Miracle Visitors Ian Watson
Escape From Khatmandu – Kim Stanley Robinson
Mythago Wood and Lavondyss – Rob Holdstock
Earth Medicine – Kenneth Meadows
Star Trek The Next Generation: A Rock And A Hard Place – Peter David
The Day The Martians Came – Frederik Pohl
Lilith: A Snake In The Grass – Jack L Chalker
The Supernatural – John G Jones
Rules Of Engagement – Peter Morwood
Lord Of The Crooked Paths – Patrick H Adkins
The Dread – Angela Littler
The Third Eagle – R A McAvoy
Good Omens – Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
The Scions Of Shannara – Terry Brooks
The Atheling – Grace Chetwin

Film Reviews:
The Witches - Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Phantom Of The Opera - Directed by Dwight H Little
Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child - Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Pet Sematary - Directed by Mary Lambert
Suspiria - Directed by Dario Argento
Nightmare Vacation 3 - Directed by Michael A Simpson
The Land Before Time - Directed by Don Bluth
Too Beautiful To Die - Directed by Dario Piana
Spontaneous Combustion - Directed by Tobe Hooper
Puppet Master - Directed by David Schmoeller
Hellbound: Hellraiser II - Directed by Tony Randel
Sleeping Car - Directed by Doug Curtis
Class Of 1999 - Directed by Mark Lester
The Kiss - Directed by Pen Densham

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