Issue 20 (August 1990)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
Creed [Extract] – James Herbert
– 3 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Kid’s Game – David L Duggins – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fearwheeling – Ian Hunter – 5.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Bad Metal – Brian Cooper – 6.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Universal Soldier – Andy Oldfield – 3.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

James Herbert – The Devil You Know
– 5 Pages
“James Herbert is Britain’s bestselling horror author.  However, his blatant success and refusal to play the prima donna have led to a great deal of sniping from critics and, most surprisingly, from so-called aficionados of the horror genre.  FEAR’s John Gilbert visited the author at his home to talk for the first time about the person rather than the portrait”.

Fiction Files:
Stephen Harris – Fiction File 8
– 0.5 Pages
“Failed musician and full time van driver, Stephen Harris becomes a horror writer at night; and as he tells FEAR’s John Gilbert, his story of literary success is a weird one...”

Colin Greenland – Fiction File 9 – 0.5 Pages
“Author Colin Greenland talks to Liz Holliday about reclaiming space opera for the written word.”

Samantha Lee – Fiction File 10 – 0.5 Pages
“Health guru, childrens’ fiction writer and author of the recently published adult fantasy Childe Rolande, Samantha Lee tells FEAR’s John Gilbert how she succeeds in appealing to a variety of audiences.”

Freda Warrington – Fiction File 11 – 0.5 Pages
“Formulaic fantasy is anathema to Freda Warrington, author of The Rainbow Gate and the Blackbird series of fantasy novels.  Her new project is a brush with horror and, as she impressed upon John Gilbert in this recent interview, originality is all the more important here.”

The Fear Factor:
Blood And Cuts
– 4 Pages
“It’s big, it’s bad – and it’s banned... So why does the cinematic presence of an innocent tree-felling tool attract such opprobrium?  Mark Kermode and Julian Petley take to the woods to investigate the misunderstood history of the chainsaw.”

Raising The Dead – 6 Pages
“Hammer – the very name is a byword for English Gothic cinema, conjuring up visions of starched wing collars, suave vampiric bluebloods, semi-clad sacrificial maidens and gloomy coachmen, whose single line of dialogue involves mumbled advice along the lines of: ‘Don’t you be goin’ up to the big ‘ouse tonight’.  Born in the Forties, Hammer Film Productions were the market leadrs for horror in the Fifties, but the company fell ill in the late Sixties and was sentenced to death in the Seventies.  FEAR looks at the fall and rise of a British institution which is threatening once more to burst from its family vault.”

Graphic Detail – 2 Pages
“Warren Lapworth monopolises the bathroom as he reviews comics and graphic novels which take an ecological stance and attempt to adapt new blockbusting movies.”

Book Reviews:
The Fifth Profession – David Morrell  4/5
Tracer – Stuart Jackson  4/5
Blood And Grit – Simon Clark  3/5
Take Back Plenty – Colin Greenland  4/5
Spock’s World – Diane Duane  3/5
Moonheart – Charles De Lint  5/5
Black Milk – Robert Reed  3/5
Beauty And The Beast – Barbara Hambly  3/5
Blood Circle – Bernard King  3/5
The Unseen – Guy N Smith  2/5
Adventureland – Stephen Harris  3/5
Beyond Lies The Wub: Volume 1 Of The Collected Stories Of Philip K Dick – Philip K Dick  2/5
Federation World – James White  3/5
Tigana – Guy Gavriel Kay  5/5
Princes Of Sandastre The Perilous Quest For Lyonesse: Book 1 – Anthony Swithin  3/5
David Britton’s Lord Horror Hardcore Horror No.2 – David Britton  3/5
Hyperion – Dan Simmons  5/5
Back To The Future: The Official Book Of The Complete Movie Trilogy – Michael Klastorin & Sally Hibbin  4/5

Film Reviews:
Dark Angel - Directed by Craig Baxley  4/5
Dick Tracy - Directed by Warren Beatty  4/5
Spaced Invaders - Directed by Patrick Johnson  3/5
Total Recall - Directed by Paul Verhoeven  4/5
The Vanishing - Directed by George Sluizer  4/5
Tunnels - Directed by Mark Byers  2/5
Deadly Dreams - Directed by Kristine Peterson  3/5
High Desert Kill - Directed by Harry Falk  5/5
Manhunter - Directed by Michael Mann  4/5
Sorry, Wrong Number - Directed by Tony Wharmby  1/5
Aftershock - Directed by Frank Harris  1/5
Beverly Hills Vamp - Directed by Fred Olen Ray  2/5
After Midnight - Directed by Jim & Ken Wheat  4/5
Chances Are - Directed by Emile Ardolino  3/5
Paint It Black - Directed by Tim Hunter  3/5
Love At Stake - Directed by John Moffitt  2/5
The Phantom Of The Opera - Directed by Robert Markowitz  4/5
Never Cry Devil - Directed by Rupert Hitzig  4/5
Society - Directed by Brian Yuzna  5/5
Shadowzone - Directed by J S Cardone  5/5
The Masque Of The Red Death - Directed by Alan Birkinshaw
The Woman In Black - Directed by Herbert Wise  2/5
Shocker - Directed by Wes Craven  3/5
Mask Of Murder - Directed by Anne Matson  2/5
Doctor Who: The Five Doctors - Directed by Peter Moffatt  3/5
Doctor Who: The Brain Of Morbius - Directed by Christopher Barry  4/5
Journey To The Center Of The Earth - Directed by Henry Levin  3/5
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Directed by Irwin Allen  2/5
The Day The Earth Stood Still - Directed by Robert Wise  4/5
Fantastic Voyage - Directed by Richard Fleischer  3/5
Ladyhawke - Directed by Richard Donner  5/5
Star Trek: Eps 49 & 50: A Piece Of The Action, By Any Other Name - Directed by James Komack & Marc Daniels  5/5
Dark Star - Directed by John Carpenter  2/5
ET: The Extra-Terrestrial - Directed by Steven Spielberg  5/5

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