Issue 11 (November 1989)
74 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
Jumbo Portions – Christopher Fowler – 5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Mud – D W Sheridan – 3 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Harry’s Black And Decker – Stephen Harris – 7 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Winter On Aubarch 6 – David Riley – 6 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

So The Dead Walk Slowly – Jeff Vandermeer – 4 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Top Floor – Sara J Townsend – 5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Steve Miner – Miner Miracles – 3 Pages
“Steve Miner, director of low budget classics such as Friday the 13th, House, Soul Man and now Warlock, ascribes a measure of his success to his willingness to mix and match genres.  He also makes a point of giving a humorous edge to even the darkest of storys, but he is not afraid of the sequel tag.  He talked to John Gilbert in Los Angeles.”

Steve De Jarnatt – Apocalypse Now! 3 Pages
“Writer and director Steve De JArnatt fought for nine years to make his new movie, Miracle Mile.  Now, as this apocalyptic romance-thriller hits the big screen, he takes time out to talk with FEAR’s Pat Jankiewicz about his nightmares, John Huston and Alfred Hitchcock, among others…”

Gale Ann Hurd – The Deep End – 2 Pages
“With Aliens, The Terminator and now The Abyss, producer Gale Ann Hurd has made her name with a string of box office hits.  John Gilbert talks to the woman who delights in taking on the toughest of projects, asks her about extra challenge and discovers what it’s life to jump in at…”

Patrick McGarth – An Elegant Weirdness – 3 Pages
“He is a hunter of the wild, the perverse, the unusual.  His short stories and novels contain innovative style and a ravaged imagination.  Yet, as the critically acclaimed author Patrick McGrath tells Pete Crowther he started to write out of necessity and several of his unique characters are a synthesis of crusty old stereotypes.”

Len Wein – Bayou Blues
2 Pages
“A collection of clichés, or one of today’s most powerful comic heroes?  Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein tells FEAR’s Pat Jankiewicz about the chequered history of his most memorable, melancholic character and gives his views on the movie which is again about to launch ol’ moss-head into the public eye.”

Stephen Lawhead – Knight Errant – 1 Page
“How do you turn a traditional myth into an original modern day fantasy?  John Gilbert puts the question to Stephen Lawhead, the author of Dream Thief, Empyrion and The Dragon King Saga, whose latest novel ends The Pendragon Cycle, a trilogy about the lives of Merlin and King Arthur.”

Movie Mainline:

The Phantom Of The Opera - Operatic Nightmares 3 Pages
“Misunderstood musician or malformed maniac?  The Phantom of the Opera has been depicted as tormented genius and pitiable killer on the big screen, on television and on the stage.  But, as Dwight Little, the director of the latest screen version, tells John McCarty, star Robert ‘Freddy’ Englund will leave the other pretenders to the mask standing.”

The Exorcist III – Unfinished Business – 2 Pages
“The Exorcist: 1990, true sequel to the 1973 classic which started the contemporary horror boom, is likely to be next year’s most provocative horror film.  But, as novelist Matthew J Costello learned from writer/director William Peter Blatty and star George C Scott, wit will not be a gore spectacle.”

Book Reviews:
A Child Across The Sky – Jonathan Carroll
Alternites – Michael Kube-McDowell
Scared Stiff – Ramsey Campbell
Cradle – Arthur C Clarke & Gentry Lee
Nemesis – Shaun Hutson
Exit Funtopia – Mick Farren
Galaxy’s End – Richard A Lupoff
Bureau Of Lost Souls – Christopher Fowler
The Fangs Of The Hooded Demon – Geoffrey Marsh
Songs Of A Dead Dreamer – Thomas Ligotti
The Science Fiction Yearbook: Two – David S Garnett
The Dark Half – Stephen King
The Fulfilments Of Fate And Desire – Storm Constantine

Film Reviews:
Pet Semetary - Directed by Mary Lambert
The Return Of The Swamp Thing - Directed by Jim Wynorski
Earth Girls Are Easy - Directed by Julien Temple
Phantasm - Directed by Don Coscarelli
Prom Night II - Directed by Bruce Pittman
Ghost Chase - Directed by Roland Emmerich
Monsters One: Feverman / Sleeping Dragon - Directed by Michael Gornick and Mark Rezyka
Monsters Two: Parents From Space / Pillow Talk - Directed by Gerald Cotts and David Odell
Mama Dracula - Directed by Boris Szulzinger

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