Issue 34 (October 1991)
66 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
Pleasing Mister Ross – Robert Neilson – 4 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Trust – Alan Muir – 1.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

In The Maze Of Faces – Andrew J Wilson
4.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Mary Gentle – Fiction File 53 – 0.5 Pages
“Mary Gentle likes to take risks.  Having written a minor bestseller in her first novel, Golden Witchbreed, she went on to deconstruct everything in it.  The sequel, Ancient Light, is ‘The only thing I ever wrote that got hate mail as well as fan mail’, she told Liz Holliday.”

Anne Gay – Fiction File 54 – 0.5 Pages
“Anne Gay’s second novel, The Brooch of Azure Midnight sounds like a fantasy book but is solidly science fiction, set somewhat nearer to the present than her first, the space opera Mindsail.  Liz Holliday gathered the latest data.”

John Saul – Free Perceptions – 1 Page
“Whenever John Saul ponders one of his ‘what if’ questions, a best-selling thriller is likely to follow.  Since 1977, he’s written one paperback thriller per year, each of which have sold a million-plus copies.  In spite of this, the spotlight has eluded him.  But FEAR’s Juanita Elefante-Gordon found him about to emerge from the shadows.”

Wes Craven – Staircase Misery – 3 Pages
“Wes Craven’s moved on from his lone stalking psychos, Freddy Krueger and Horace Pinker, to settle in the homely scenario of the family next door and the local café.  Steve Biodrowski spoke to him and learnt that surface impressions can be deceptive.”

The World Of Fear:
Body Parts – Part Of The Soul – 2 Pages
“JB Macabre tries to solve a puzzle and put the Body Parts together, with help frpm writer/director Eric Red.”

Cast A Deadly Spell – Lovecraft, PI – 1 Page
“’Bradley was right.  There’s bad, and there’s bad.  But what I walked into, after I left that night, made all the magic and witchcraft I’d seen till the look like a sideshow.  My name is Lovecraft, and I’m the guy who knows.  Just about the only guy who knows it all and is still breathing!’”

Split Second – London Horrors – 0.5 Pages
“In the year 2008, a monster will stalk the capital – as FEAR discovers…”

Midnight Rose – Anthologies By Any Other Name – 1 Page
“Midnight Rose are the force behind three new series of books from Penguin, each concentrating on a different genre field.  Liz Holliday met the creative team.”

House IV – House Party – 1 Page
“One of the most active genre filmmakers over the last ten years has been director/producer Sean Cunningham.  In 1971, he released Last House on the Left, a horror classic.  In 1980, he took out trade ads to announce ‘the most terrifying movie ever made…”

Caruncula – Talking Italian – 1 Page
“For many years, the startling films of Italian horror maestro Dario Argento have failed to fina a mainstream audience.  Mistreated by distributors and slashed by the censors, movies such as Tenebrae and Profondo Rosso have been box office hits only in Italy itself.  Mark Kermode found him at the root of Mariano Biano’s new short Caruncula.”

Rachel Talalay – The Lady Killer – 0.5 Pages
“JB Macabre goes on a womanhunt and catches up with Freddy Krueger’s murderer, Rachel Talalay.”

Fear Factor:
Star Trek – From Here To Eternity – 4 Pages
“Gene Roddenberry had the idea for Star Trek back in 1960, but it would take six years before the first episode hit the TV screens: Roger Kean charts the birth pangs of the cult SF series…”

Star Trek Movies – The Movies – 3 Pages
“For all its brilliance, the original Star Trek was firmly shackled by the constraints of TV budgets and an episodic format.  So when rumours of a movie finally turned to production plans, the question on everyone’s lips was: What spectacular stories could be told on the wide screen?  Stuart Wynne gives his verdict…”

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Generation Game – 3 Pages
“Born of the pressure generated by fans, Star Trek: The Next Generation still took nearly two decades to reach television screens.  Civilisation has advanced, enemies become friends, and fresh challenges have appeared.  John Gilbert follows in the wake of the new Starship Enterprise to discover whether its continuing mission is worthwhile…”

Graphic Novels – Graphic Detail – 2 Pages
“Warren Lapworth meets the newest and oldest mutant teens, plus one in-between, in this edition of FEAR’s regular comics round-up.”

Book Reviews:
Expatria – Keith Brooke  2/5
Breeder – Douglas Clegg  2/5
The Architecture Of Desire – Mary Gentle  1.5/5
2001: A Space Odyssey – Arthur C Clarke  4/5
Unnatural Causes – Richard Lazarus  3.5/5
Last Summer With Maizon – Jacqueline Woodson  3.5/5
Thunderwith – Libby Hathorn  2/5
Agents Of Darkness – Campbell Armstrong  4/5
Child Of Time – Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg  3/5
The Curse Of The Snake God – Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes  3/5
Best New Horror 2 – Stephen Jones  4/5
Best New SF5 – Gardner Dozois  5/5
Heinlein Grumbles From The Grave – Virginia Heinlein  4/5
Reasonable Doubt – Philip Friedman  2/5
Second Child – John Saul  4/5
Visions From The Twilight Zone – Arien Schumer  2.5/5
The Making Of Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Don Shay & Jody Duncan  3.5/5
Timewyrm: Exodus – Terrance Dicks  4/5
Doctor Who: Planet Of The Spiders – Terrance Dicks  3/5
Doctor Who:  The Three Doctors – Terrance Dicks  3/5
The Hellbound Heart – Clive Barker  4.5/5
Necroscope V: Deadspawn – Brian Lumley  4.5/5

Film Reviews:
Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Directed by James Cameron  4.5/5
Omen IV: The Awakening - Directed by Jorge Montesi & Dominique Othenin-Gerard  1.5/5
Truly, Madly, Deeply - Directed by Anthony Minghella  3/5
Paris Trout - Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal  2/5
Dolly Dearest - Directed by Maria Lease  3.5/5
The Ambulance - Directed by Larry Cohen  3/5
Trancers II - Directed by Charles Band  2/5
Jacob’s Ladder - Directed by Adrian Lyne  4/5
Cover Up - Directed by Manny Coto  2.5/5
Dinosaurs - Directed by Brett Thompson  2.5/5
I Was A Teenage Frankenstein - Directed by Herbert L Strock  2/5
How To Make A Monster - Directed by Herbert L Strock  3/5
The Undead - Directed by Roger Corman  4/5
The Saint: Volume One 3.5/5
The Amazing Colossal Man - Directed by Bert Gordon  3/5
Day The World Ended - Directed by Roger Corman  3/5
Lost In Space: Volumes 1, 2 & 3  2/5
Gerry Anderson’s Supercar: Volume One  1/5

Music Reviews:
Strange And Beautiful – Crimson Glory  4/5
Dogs Hits And Bootleg Album – The Dogs D’Amour  4/5
Dawn Of Possession – Immolation  1.5/5
Metal Hammer: The Video  3.5/5


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