First published back in January 0f 2017 ‘Slaughterhouse Farm: Issue 4’ was written by Matt Warner and AJ Ballard, with artwork by Arfon Jones. This fourth and final issue was subtitled ‘Bride Of Pigfucker’.

DLS Synopsis:
What had started off as a dreary weekend away in the Welsh countryside had turned into hell incarnate for young Jamie.  Naked and half out of his mind, the poor lad could do nothing but run for his life, out into the pelting rain of the Welsh outback.  Away from Maddock Farm and the madness that was unleashed within the farm’s outhouses and pig shelters.  But a shadowy figure is looming close behind Jamie as he flees across the muddy fields behind the farmhouse.  A gigantic brute, hellbent on one thing…slaughter.

Meanwhile Frankie Mullins is sitting bound to a wheelchair, dressed in white in readiness for her forced wedding with Pigfucker.  She may be bruised, beaten and hellishly tired, with the scalp of Pigfucker’s dead mother sewn to her skull, but she still has enough hate in her to stand up to the inbred freak that’s been tormenting her.

But her screams and curses will fall on deaf ears.  Pigfucker will have his marriage.  Row upon row of rotting corpses are ready to bear witness to the grotesque wedding.  For the marriage is important to Pigfucker.  It forms a connection with his past.  To his troubled childhood.  From when he watched his father beat and kill his dear mother, because of misguided jealousy.

Through Frankie, Pigfucker will bring back the memory of his dead mother.  For in Frankie, Pigfucker has found his perfect bride…

DLS Review:
Get the fuck in.  The final slaughter, this final blood-drenched offering in the Slaughterhouse Farm series, is on a par with the savage and utterly unrelenting first instalment in this video nasty style horror series.  Here the Hellbound guys have taken their usual approach in delivering fast-paced, high-adrenaline grindhouse-style horror, and laying it on thick from the very first page to very last one.

Indeed, from the start we’re flung headfirst into the action with Jamie getting chased stark-bollock naked across the Welsh outback by good ole Pigfucker, only to get one of his testicles caught on some barbed wire fencing, shortly before a meat hook is swung through his cheek and the young lad’s dragged back to the farm to be slaughtered.

The vast majority of the rest of the comic follows Frankie as she’s forced to wed Pigfucker.  This is interspersed with numerous flashbacks from Pigfucker’s miserable past which come and go on almost a page-by-page basis.  Of course, Frankie’s none too happy about the prospect of becoming Mrs Pigfucker, so expect plenty of backlash and violence (as if you wouldn’t expect such).

Although the whole ‘Frankie fights back’ storyline is damn entertaining reading, the use of the flashbacks which dissect this main thread are, quite frankly, a strange decision to include.  Other than giving Pigfucker a sprinkling of a backstory, the flashbacks serve little other purpose, and due to the repeated jumping back-and-forth nature caused by them, make for a clunky and somewhat cumbersome read.

However, this is ‘The Final Slaughter’ and as such, what we’re really hoping for is one motherfucker of a brutal ending.  And guess what?  Yeah, you guessed it, the Hellbound boys deliver the visceral goods in absolute abundance.  Of course, we’re treated to a classic ‘Jason Voorhees’ / ‘Michael Myers’ style of “he’s not dead until he’s well-and-truly dead” ending.  But when Pigfucker’s killed (which let’s be honest, was inevitable), the Hellbound guys make sure he goes in absolutely over-the-top, gory as hell style.

A damn fine ending for what proved to be a damn enjoyable read.

The comic runs for a total of 29 pages.

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