First published back in March of 2016, British author David Owain Hughes’ ebook-only story ‘Wind-Up Toy: Playtime, Simone’ formed a short precursor to his full-length novel ‘Wind-Up Toy’ (2016).

DLS Synopsis:
He’d warned Cartwright never to speak about the beating he’d given him and his two thuggish mates – let alone to come back for more.  Yet here he was, seeking some sort of payback.  But this time the idiotic bully didn’t have his two goons with him.  It was just him on his own – Phillip-John Cartwright looking to settle a score.

Ever since he’d fought back Simone had stopped being scared of the bullies.  And now was no exception.  Cartwright might be after his blood, he might be bigger and tougher than him, but Simone always had a trick up his sleeve.

This time Cartwright was getting more than a pounding to his nether regions.  This time Simone was going to sort the bully out once and for all.  Then if he’s lucky, he’d maybe go home and have himself a little peek through the floorboards at the show going on below.  It was enough to get him hard just at the thought of it.  If only they knew how good his life really was.

But first he had to deal with Cartwright…

DLS Review:
For all those who’ve already read ‘Wind-Up Toy’ (2016) you’ll pretty much know what to expect within this offering.  A glimpse into Simone’s upbringing.  A snippet of what would make him into the man he’d eventually become.  Oh yes – you’re in for one hell of a sordid treat here.

However if you’ve not yet read ‘
Wind-Up Toy’ (2016)…then first and fore mostly – why the hell not?!  But in all seriousness, you don’t really need to have read the novel to enjoy this short.  In fact, it’ll probably have more of an impact on you if you haven’t.  And by Lucifer’s-sweaty-arsecrack will it whet your appetite for the filth-encrusted debauchery that’s to come, should you wish to find out what will eventually become of poor old Simone.

Back to the story at hand…what we have here is a short, snappy and straight-to-the-sleaze offering that takes us back to Simone’s younger years, to the time when he fought back against those thugs who’d been bullying him.  Here however Hughes lays down much the details that comprised of Simone’s twisted revenge.  It’s harsh, uncompromising and utterly barbaric.  But let’s be honest, what the hell did you expect?!   Hughes isn’t one to sugar coat these things.

However putting the final nail in the coffin for this particular bully’s comeuppance is only half the story.  What else did young Simone get up to whilst he was growing up?  What else chiselled him into the fine example of an honest citizen he turned out to become?  Oh yes – for the rest of the short you’re treated to the sort of godforsaken filth that would make even the most insistently-defensive bishop blush.

David Owain Hughes has one hell of a sick and depraved mind.  Let’s pause for a second and ponder what must go on in this man’s head if this sort of filth is the end result.  So don’t pretend you don’t know what you’re getting should you decide to get your grubby mitts on this short story, or indeed venture further into the perverted landscape of ‘
Wind-Up Toy’ (2016).

Pure unadulterated lowbrow filth.  Oh how we love it!

And hell what an ending.

The short runs for a total of 12 pages.

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