First published back in July of 1990, the fourth issue of Epic Comics’ serial adaptation of Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ sported the subtitle ‘See Midian Fall’.

The first four issues of the ‘Nightbreed’ comics closely followed the storyline of the film, only slightly veering away from the film with small details.  The twenty-one further issues that followed these original four continued on with the Nightbreed legacy – creating a whole new spin-off storyline that eventually brought in aspects from some of Barker’s other work.

DLS Synopsis:
Lieutenant Joyce and Sergeant Eigerman arrive at Midian’s vast necropolis ready for the slaughter.  But Eigerman is far from convinced that what they’re doing is right.  After all, there are women and children here.  They’re slaughtering the defenceless.  They’re murdering the weak. They’re wiping out an entire underground civilisation.  How can what they’re doing be right?

Meanwhile whilst warfare rages in Midian’s graveyard, Decker is being summand by his psychotic mask.  With so much death and destruction in the air, the mask wants a piece of the action.  And what better place to start than with Lori – the only one who knows who it is behind the mask.

With Midian crumbling around them, Lylesburg has little choice but to release the Beserkers.  Their ferocity is incomparable.  Their strength beyond any creature that has been before.  And the night will soon be theirs.  And the ground will run red with the blood of those that came to Midian with murder in their minds.

But with Midian falling, Baphomet must be saved.  Piece by piece he is carried away.  So that another refuge for the Nightbreed may be created.

But first they must survive the terror that has consumed their homeground.  Murder is everywhere.  But there is a taste for revenge in the darkness of the night.  And Boone wants a piece of it…

DLS Review:
Here we have the most action-rich offering thus far.  We’re talking about cover-to-cover violence and mayhem.  Indeed, there’s barely a single page that doesn’t involve some degree of vicious fighting or bloodshed on it.  This is the final comic which is a direct adaptation from the screenplay.  It’s where the war in Midian takes place.  And it doesn’t disappoint in delivering the chaos and bloodspill.

Outside of the violence, this final instalment actually offers up very little else.  However, interestingly it still manages to bring itself back in-line with Barker’s original story, ‘Cabal’ (1988) rather than adopting the approach taken for film’s finale.  The disassembly of Baphomet is more pronounced than the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot within the film.  Similarly Lori’s ultimate sacrifice for love is brought back into the story.  And Decker remains worm food.  All in all it’s far truer to Barker’s original vision than the film adaptation was.

As the final instalment into the original four-part adaptation of the screenplay, this fourth comic in the series is an absolute tor de force of energy, excitement and action-rich chaos.  Each page spills out a veritable cacophony of Nightbreed intensity.  And all around it there’s that mythical vibe that Nightbreed utilises to such a great effect.

A superb addition to the Nightbreed comic book series.

The comic runs for a total of 28 pages.

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