Issue 24 (December 1990)
82 Pages in total

Fear Fiction:
Surrogate – Karla Dearsley
– 4 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Hurry Monster – Graham Masterton – 2.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Hard Copy – Jim Marquez and Brian Mollner – 6.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

The Beastie In Man – P Voermans – 4.5 Pages
[DLS Review to come]

Fiction Files:
Kim Newman – Fiction File 21 – 0.5 Pages
“The modern maestro of movie criticism talks to John Gilbert about the state of the art and his debut as an author of ripping yarns.”

James Ellroy – Fiction File 22 – 0.5 Pages
“Veteran crime writer James Ellroy talks to FEAR’s Kim Newman.

Chaz Brenchly – Fiction File 23 – 0.5 Pages
“Romance and serial murder are not the most compatible of bedmates but, as Chaz Brenchly explained to John Gilbert, he combined both in his bid to become a thriller writer.”

H.R. Giger – Eye Of The Giger – 5 Pages
“The triumph of the late Seventies SF/horror blockbuster Alien owed virtually everything to one man: the Swiss artist, H R Giger.  As he embarks upon the blueprint for Alien number three, Juhani Nurmi and Peter Briggs meet the designer whose wild imagination gave birth to the ultimate bodeyman.”

The Fear Factor:
Devilish Deceptions
– 4 Pages
“Haunted by demons?  Jinxed by evil spirits?  Responsible for suicides, murders and madness?  Seventeen years after the first shocking appearance of The Exorcist – and on the eve of the release of both Exorcist 3 and Repossessed – Mark Kermode sifts through the rumours, innuendos and porky-pies surrounding this milestone in horror cinema and asks: ‘Who’s still afraid of The Exorcist?’”

Sex And The Swastika – 4 Pages
“In part two of his investigation into the dark realms of sexuality and Nazi imagery in the cinema, Julian Petley looks at post Sixties films to find the reasons for the common bond between sado-masochism and fascism.”

Horror Live! – 4 Pages
“Monsters and the macabre are not solely the province of literature and film.  Nowadays the theatre seems to be a natural home for all that’s ghoulish and ghastly – witness the recent staggering success of a certain musical phantom.  FEAR’s Wayne Drew takes a seat in the stalls and applauds over a decade of horrid happenings on the West End stage.”

Graphic Detail – 3 Pages
“Warren Lapworth peruses the latest comic books and graphic novels.”

Book Reviews:
Hall Of Whispers – Mike Jefferies  5/5
Out On Blue Six – Ian McDonald  3/5
Dark Visions – Stephen King, George R.R. Martin & Dan Simmons  3/5
Hocus Pocus – Kurt Vonnegut  4.5/5
Embryo – Keith Barnard  2/5
Dead In The West – Joe R Lansdale  3/5
In The Deep Woods – Nicholas Conde  4/5
The Hemingway Hoax – Joe Haldeman  5/5
The Amtrak Wars: Earth-Thunderer – Patrick Tilley  3/5
The Kindness Of Strangers – Bernard Taylor  4/5
Truckers – Terry Pratchett  5/5
The Phantom Of The Opera – Gaston Leroux  3/5
Fiends – John Farris  4/5
Tempter – Nancy A Collins  4/5
Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks – Gerry Kilworth  5/5
The World Inside – Robert Silverberg  3.5/5

Film Reviews:
Arachnophobia - Directed by Frank Marshall  4/5
The Handmaid’s Tale - Directed by Volker Schlondorff  4/5
Exorcist 3 - Directed by William Peter Blatty  3.5/5
Flatliners - Directed by Joel Schumacher  3/5
Blue Steel - Directed by Kathryn Bigelow  3.5/5
The Reflecting Skin - Directed by Philip Ridley  3.5/5
The Salute Of The Jugger - Directed by David Peoples  3/5
Dr M - Directed by Claude Chabrol  2/5
The Mad Monkey - Directed by Fernando Trueba  3.5/5
Rising Storm - Directed by Francis Schaeffer  4/5
She Devil - Directed by Susan Seidelman  3.5/5
Demon Wind - Directed by Charles Moore  2/5
The Gate - Directed by Tibor Takas  2/5
Dark Angel - Directed by Craig R Baxley  4/5
Watchers 2 - Directed by Thierry Notz  2/5
Deathstone - Directed by Andrew Prowse  4/5
Lord Of The Flies - Directed by Harry Hook  2.5/5
In A Shallow Grave - Directed by Kenneth Bowser  4/5
Upworld - Directed by Stan Winston  4/5
Ghoulies Go To College - Directed by John Carl Buechler  3/5
The Krays - Directed by Peter Medak  4/5
The Night Stalker - Directed by Max Kleven  1/5
Psycho Cop - Directed by Wallace Potts  1/5
UHF - Directed by Jay Levey  4/5
Return Of The Family Man - Directed by John Murlowski  3.5/5
The Blob - Directed by Chuck Russell  2/5
Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom - Directed by Hector Olivera  1.5/5
Willow - Directed by Ron Howard  4/5
Maniac Cop - Directed by William Lustig  5/5

Music Reviews:
Tear Your Soul Apart – Venom  4/5
Dancing With Fire – Cronos  3.5/5
Rust In Peace – Megadeth  2/5
Space Bandit – Hawkwind  3/5
TYR – Black Sabbath  4/5

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