First published as an omnibus edition back in March of 2019, Guy N Smith’s ‘Werewolf Omnibus’ collected together the author’s ‘Werewolf Series’ novels into one volume for the first time.

The omnibus also included the brand-new short story ‘Spawn Of The Werewolf’ which hasn’t been published anywhere else.

The omnibus opens up with a three-page introduction by the author in which he provides a brief overview about the history of the novels as well as the legends surrounding the black hills.

The omnibus contains the following full-length novels. Click on the titles for detailed in-depth dissections of each novel:

The omnibus also includes the following short story:

Spawn Of The Werewolf
– 8 Pages
The Black Hill in South Shropshire had undergone some vast changes over the past forty years. Where there had once been acres of conifer forest, had now been replaced by a modern way of life. Gordon Hall lived with his memories of those bygone years, haunted by nightmares of werewolves prowling the Black Hill and flashbacks of the horrors he’d witnessed there. He’d since moved to Lichfield but was now thinking of inquiring about the shooting rights on his former land, and perhaps rekindling an old flame with Margaret Gunn.

The former Gunn farm was now owned by Ralph Lee and his wife. Although their marriage was far from a healthy one. Ralph had a tendency to fly off the handle in a rage, which invariably led to Geraldine suffering the consequences. However, more recently, Ralph Lee had been feeling a change. Not only was he feeling stronger and fitter, but his already fiery temperament was worsening too. And there was only one person in his firing line right now…his beloved but unfaithful wife…

To end the omnibus, Smith takes us back to the Black Hills so his much-loved protagonist – Gordon Hall – can face a prowling werewolf one last time. It’s a short snappy story, which quickly bridges the time-gap since the events of the last book, to bring us up to the current day. Of course, Hall is now an aging man, although he still takes his shotgun out hunting from time to time. Which of course, brings him back to the Black Hill.

In true Guy N Smith style, the antagonist of the piece is a nasty bastard who beats his wife. When we’re introduced to Ralph Lee, we’re also introduced to his unfortunate wife, Geraldine Lee, who’s been having an ‘unintentional affair’ with one of their female neighbours. Oh yes, the story may be short, but it ticks so many of Smith’s ‘go to’ pulp horror boxes!

What quickly unveils is a story of jealousy and revenge that’s soon drenched in blood. Not only that, but Smith once again weaves in the mythical Black Dogs which are said to haunt the area. As such, the story is nothing short of a slice of textbook Guy N Smith pulpy horror, which encapsulates much of the Werewolf series to finally bring the whole saga to a close.

The collected volume runs for a total of 430 pages.

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