First published within a single compilation volume back in May of 2001, ‘Preacher Vol 9: Alamo’ was written by Garth Ennis with artwork by Steve Dillion.  The compilation volume contained the next eight ‘Preacher’ comics (issues 59 - 66).

DLS Synopsis:
Reverend Jesse Custer had made a deal with his once best friend – the vice-driven Irish vampire Cassidy. They’d meet at a small bar named ‘The Alamo’ somewhere in the Mission San Antonio de Valero, located in the dusty heart of Texas. There they would sort out this issue they had. This problem of disrespect and a century of Cassidy dishonouring women.

Although Custer had bigger plans than just a showdown with his disloyal old friend. It was time this whole quest of his came to an end. He’d spent so much of his life searching for God so that he could hold that almighty bastard accountable for his actions. He’d lost so much through his endless search. Sacrificed almost everything. Now it was time to bring it to a conclusion.

Custer had a plan. He’d thought long and hard about how it might work. How he might be able to force an ending. There would of course be more sacrifices to make. But then what’s new? Sacrifice was pretty much all he knew these days. That and the love he had for Tulip.

However, for his plan to work, he would need to bring everything together. All the players in this great game he’d been playing for the last decade or so, would need to come together for the final dice roll. They would each have their role to play. They would each have their own essential part within this final sequence.

It was a risky plan. An ambitious plot. But one which might just work. Although, there was a lot at stake. The most notable of which being Tulip. In this final showdown, he could lose it all. Everything. Including his one true love.

Nevertheless, it was time to see this all finally come to an end…

DLS Review:
So here we are. The final instalment. The concluding chapter to this crazy-ass story. The pressure’s therefore on to deliver a final book which wraps everything up and does the entire series proud.

Indeed, unlike the previous eight books, this final offering is extremely direct with the storyline converging onto this one final showdown. Previously we’ve had these multiple storyline and subplots all running simultaneously. For this final book, although we do again jump from one narrative to another, each one is however homing into that one singular point – the final showdown at the Alamo.

We’ve pretty much got all of the long-standing stories all involved in this big finale. Even the Arseface story comes to an end in this last book (although this particular story arch doesn’t form part of the final showdown but rather concludes in a somewhat heart-warming way).

Anyway, after a short 2-page round-up of everything important that’s previously taken place in the series thus far, we pick up on the story with Ennis bringing back those two Adelphi Angels from the very first book - Fiore and DeBlanc after which we have Custer meeting up with The Saint of Killers and then Herr Starr catching up with the shrouded circle of The Grail. Oh yes, we’re bringing back all the key cogs within the vast machine of this wild plot. And it all being done to deliver one truly epic finale.

The sheer momentum and aching build-up within this final instalment alone are enough to keep you poring through the pages until the final one is turned. The tension of the piece is palpable from start to end. You’re so intrinsically invested in the characters by now, that each ones’ contribution to the unfolding finale is one which you feel an absolute part of. Like you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

The whole Custer and Cassidy situation is brought to a magnificent point too. Can we expect any forgiveness for what Cassidy did? Will there be a moment of redemption? Honestly, Ennis does not disappoint one bit with how he wraps this segment of the story up. In fact – I have to admit to being somewhat moved by how this aspect’s played out.

Ultimately though, we have one motherfucker of a final book. Ennis et al absolutely deliver the goods with this concluding instalment. It’s as epic and fitting as it is rich in explosive action. No loose ends are left. It all comes together and sticks, with a heartfelt Texas-inspired ending. I fucking loved this series.

The graphic novel runs for a total of 221 pages (along with an additional 9 page ‘Pinup Gallery’ showcasing some of the spectacular artwork from the series).

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