First published within a single compilation volume back in March of 1999, ‘Preacher Vol 6: War In The Sun’ was written by Garth Ennis with artwork by Steve Dillion.  The compilation volume contained the special ‘One Man’s War’, along with the next seven ‘Preacher’ comics (issues 34 - 40).  The volume also includes a three page “What happened so far?” introduction, getting readers up to speed with where the volume commences.

One Man’s War

Herr Starr had been handpicked from the German Wehrmacht to join The Grail.  He’d started at the bottom of the secret organisation’s ranks, but quickly worked his way up because of his exceptional devotion to the cause.  The Allfather admired much about Starr.  From his upbringing to where he was today.  But Starr was far from happy at where The Grail had put all their future plans.  So much so, that he’d begun to formulate his own contingencies…

Kick starting volume six we have the much needed backstory for the character of Herr Starr.  Here we see how he came to join the ranks of The Grail, and the beginnings of his plans to overthrow the secret society.  The story not only fleshes out the character of Starr, but also gives a much better understanding of why he set his sights on Custer in the first place.  It’s not exactly a story brimming with action, but there’s a hell of a lot in it to keep you thoroughly engaged.  But fundamentally, it fills in more of the blanks and gives more weight to the overall Preacher story.

Issues 34 – 40

Reverend Jesse Custer, together with Tulip and Cassidy, continue their search for God who’d abandoned his post in Heaven to walk the earth.  They’re journey takes them to Monument Valley, under the blistering hot heat of the Arizona sun.  But waiting for them is a US Army tank regiment under the specific guidance of Herr Starr.  Knowing that Custer holds the power of the divine in him, Starr plans to throw everything the Army has at the Preacher, to hopefully harness these powers for himself.

But there are other powerful pawns in this game.  The Saint Of Killers has the group in sight.  With the knowledge that Custer has parted with him, the indestructible Angel of Death plans to take the regiment head on.

Meanwhile, Arseface is making waves in the music industry.  His first single has flown to the top of the charts and captured the imagination of the disillusioned youth.  But with such swift success often comes problems.  There are those out there that wish to emulate his uniqueness.

Whatever happens with Custer and those that fall onto his path along the way, it’s going to be one hell of a ride getting there…

Oh yes, things are really beginning to heat up in the Preacher series now.  Custer’s search for God has once again put him and his companions back into harm’s way.  The result is another explosive storyline, full of gritty action and quivering loyalty.

By now we know the vast majority of the characters that come into play in this volume damn well.  Yes, we learn a little more about each in this volume – particularly Herr Starr.  But what really comes out of this section of the story is a test of their loyalty for each other.

Tulip is still pissed as a bitterass bitch with Cassidy for the shit he was spouting in Volume Five.  She’s lost all respect and trust for the Irish Vampire.  But they’re trying to get along.  And it causes a near palpable tension that writer Garth Ennis manages to portray in the story so incredibly well.

We also meet a bunch of new characters – the Chunt Brothers.  This trio of cannibalistic redneck fucknuts have a short stint in the volume, but leave one hell of an impression with their devious desire to chomp down on another victim (I’ll not ruin who and what happens).

But ultimately the volume deals with the attack on Custer and his companions and the resulting repercussions that see the trio split both physically and emotionally.  The hangover from Volume Five between Tulip and Cassidy comes to an absolute bottleneck.  It’s hard to read on, as by now your love for the characters is firmly ingrained, but you’ll find you simply can’t put it down.

The volume ends on a powerful cliffhanger that makes you want to get straight on with Volume Seven pronto.  But of course you’d expect no less.

Superb stuff.

The graphic novel runs for a total of 237 pages, which includes a 3 page “What happened so far?” introduction by Garth Ennis.

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