First published in a collected edition back in 1978, the Guy N Smith omnibus unofficially titled ‘A Bargain Bumper Treble’ was released through New English Library and contained three of the author’s early titles.

The omnibus edition doesn’t really have a title, however on the cover it states “A Bargain Bumper Treble” located directly above the cover price of £1.25. Furthermore, along the spine it just has the titles for the three books along with the author’s name. When you open the book, it launches straight into the title page for the first story.

It is however noted that Shane Agnew’s ‘Guy N Smith: Illustrated Bibliography’ (2018) lists the omnibus as ‘A Bargain Bumper Treble’, and as this wording appears on the book cover, that seems like as good as any title for the collected edition.

e book contains the following titles. Click on the titles for detailed in-depth dissections of each novel:

The collected volume runs for a total of 378 pages.

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