For once the date seemed to be going quite well.  In fact, Duncan Bradshaw liked this girl more than any of the other girls he’d met so far on the dating site.  What’s more Christie Silvers seemed to be enjoying herself too.  A meal at an expensive restaurant was undoubtedly a good first move.  And now it looked like she was actually going to come back with him.  Not to his house where his ex-wife was still living.  No, he’d take his date back to the hotel he was staying at.  The Grande Hotel with the distinctly odd manager – Henry...(more)

From Guy N Smith’s gigantic flesh-hungry crabs in ‘Night Of The Crabs’ to James Herbert’s swarming hordes of savage black rats in ‘The Rats’; creatures on the rampage have always been a sure-fire premise for delivering an action-packed and nail-biting pulp horror novel.

Over the years, horror authors have produced novels utilising a veritable array of creatures. DLS Reviews offers up an impressively comprehensive list of these novels, broken down by the various species of rampaging beastie.



Whether it’s a zombie outbreak, a post-nuclear dystopian world, a plague epidemic, a massive natural disaster or an extra-terrestrial threat... end of the world fiction will always catch the imagination of its readers.  Although this is certainly not a complete list, DLS Reviews does however offer up an impressive list with accompanying reviews of a large number of post-apocalyptic novels.  And the list will keep on growing until the end if days...




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