DLS Reviews offers up an ever-growing number of insightful and in-depth interviews with a large spectrum of horror authors and other such individuals.  Each interview will hopefully probe deeply into the various aspects of their writing process and bring you inside information on who they are and more about their work.

Interviews will be added to the website as and when they occur.  No interviews will be removed, but additional interviews with the same authors may well be added over time...

Author / Interviewee:


Ayre, Richard

Interviewed June 2017 (post ‘A Hatful Of Shadows’ collection / pre ‘Minstrel's Renaissance’)

Moody, David
Interviewed July 2014 (post ‘The Cost Of Living’ novella / pre ‘The Spaces Between’)

Park, Justin

Interviewed June 2016 (post ‘Upon Waking’ / pre ‘Mad Dog’)

Power, Kit

Interviewed May 2015 (post ‘Lifeline’ / pre ‘GodBomb!’)

Ralston, Duncan

Interviewed September 2015 (post ‘How To Kill A Celebrity’ / pre ‘Salvage’)

Smith, Guy N

Interviewed March 2015 (post ‘Hangmans Hotel’ collection / pre ‘Spawn Of The Sime Beast’)

Wilde, Barbie

Interviewed October 2015 (post ‘The Venus Complex’ / pre ‘Voices Of The Damned’)

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