Back in 2012 US author William Holloway released his soul-corruptingly dark cosmic horror novel ‘The Immortal Body’ (2012).  The book formed the first instalment in his ‘Singularity Cycle’ series.

Now we have the second instalment.  A complex and blood-chillingly twisted prequel entitled ‘Song Of The Death God’ (2017) which shows us how the Necromancer Liche came to be.

If you take pleasure from immersing yourself in cold, corruptive, Lovecraftian horror that smothers you as you descend into its maddening void – then this is unquestionably a pathway you’ll want to venture down.  It’s probably not necessary to have first read ‘The Immortal Body’ (2012), in fact with this tale serving as a prequel, it may even be more beneficial to enter the books via ‘Song Of The Death God’ (2017) first.

But one thing’s for sure, if you like dark, twisted and utterly malignant cosmic horror, then you’re going to get one hell of a kick out of this truly nightmarish offering…