If you read the recent interview with British author David Moody that appeared on DLS Reviews a few days back, then you will already be aware that Moody’s publishing arm ‘Infected Books’ has recently released its first tale that’s not one of the author’s own titles.

The publication is an ebook-only novella entitled ‘The Girl In The Basement’ (2014) by British author Wayne Simmons.  I’m somewhat new to Simmons’ work, so I was particularly keen to give the book a go.  And am I glad that I did.

Think Jack Ketchum meets Buffalo Bill from ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ (1988).  Harsh, unrelenting and utterly compelling reading.

On the strength of the novella I’ve now picked up Simmons’ novel ‘Flu’ (2010) which I’m now churning my way through.  Expect a second Simmons review shortly…