Shane P.D. Agnew is a diehard Guy N. Smith fan and collector.  It’s probably fair to say that over the years his collecting has become near-obsessive (much to his wife’s dismay no doubt).

For the past couple of years Shane Agnew’s been cataloguing his collection, researching all the hundreds of obscure publications and editions of Guy’s work, and filling in the gaps.  The fruits of his goliath endeavour is the first incredibly comprehensive illustrated bibliography of Guy N. Smith’s published work – aptly entitled ‘Guy N. Smith: Illustrated Bibliography’ (2018).

The large coffee table sized reference book has an official release date of 2nd September 2018, at the annual Guy N. Smith Fan Convention.  However, the book is also available at the usual online retailers too (a direct link is provided in the above linked review).

The book is the very definition of a labour of love.  Years’ worth of obsessive collecting and the resulting cataloguing.  It’s an incredible reference guide for anyone passionate about the Grandfather of Pulp’s work.  It’s the sort of book you need to hold in your hands and flick through to really appreciate.

It also includes a forward and exclusive previously unpublished short story by Guy.

Of course, DLS Reviews have gotten their eager hands on a copy and performed a full dissection on the hefty bibliography…