After reading Monica J. O’Rourke’s novel ‘What Happens In The Darkness’ (2013), unfortunately I have to admit that I came away bitterly disappointed.  The novel started off with a hardboiled post-apocalyptic premise that instantly got my attention.  Sadly, O’Rourke didn’t really maintain this initial intensity, and instead the novel gradually slipped into a mediocre post-apocalyptic vampire storyline intermingled with a ‘Blade’ (1998) style humans vs vampire war going on.

If you disagree then please do come back and give me an ear full.  I’d be very interested to hear what offers have to say about the novel.  After all, there’s a lot I ‘should’ like in there.  Maybe it’s just one of those stories that’s simply not for me.

Oh well…it is what it is.