It’s seems like a veritable age since a review was last added to DLS Reviews.  There’s been a few things going on of late which has kept me from dedicating as much time as I would have liked to reading and reviewing.  Hopefully it’s just a temporary cloud of busyness which will soon pass.

Anyway, just added to the site is a full dissection of US author Michael Marano’s debut offering ‘Dawn Song’ (1998).  Recently rereleased through ChiZine containing additional introductions, an afterword and an excerpt from the upcoming sequel ‘A Choir Of Exiles’, the novel is one that conjures up enough intriguing magnificence to belittle a fully-fledged demon from Hell.

If you like your fiction complex, dark, seductively-twisted, and layered with theological complexities, then this is very probably a novel that will get you salivating at the turn of the very first page.