British author Matt Shaw’s someone who knows a thing or two about pushing the boundaries of taste.  Shaw’s probably best known for his infamous ‘Black Cover’ books.  Extreme horror stories that depict scenes of hard-hitting violence, blood-drenched horror, and visceral-as-hell gore.  There are very few lines that Shaw won’t cross in this tales.  And he’s come under fire, attempts at censorship and potential banning, because of it.

So what does Shaw do about such reactions to his work?  Well, instead of backing down or censoring his work, in true to form Shaw style he goes the other way and writes a series of books with the pure intention of plummeting the depths of extremity that much further.

The first in this ‘Banned Book’ series is the delightful novella, aptly titled ‘Sick’ (2017).  Here I present to you the censored ‘Black Cover’ version of the cover art.  However, these books were also published with incredibly explicit cover art by none other than Michael Bray.  The explicit cover art versions were only sold through the author’s Etsy page or on sale directly from the author at conventions.

If you follow this link to the DLS Review of this first book then, along with a full dissection of the novella, you will also see the full explicit cover art in all its vile glory.  Be warned though, it aint pretty...