It’s probably the accountant in me, but one thing that I love about DLS Reviews is the completist documenting and cataloguing of publications.

The stories from Kit Power’s ‘Lifeline Trilogy’ had already been individually reviewed on DLS Reviews through their previous ebook-only incarnations (now no longer available).  However, with the Sinister Horror Company having re-released the three stories, together with the short story ‘Genesis’ (that formed the prequel to ‘Godbomb!’) into one definitive edition volume entitled ‘Breaking Point’ (2016), I simply had to pull together the reviews for the sake of completeness if nothing else!

If you missed these stories the first time around, or if you just like the sound of owning a physical copy of them in their ‘definitive edition’ format (which includes a cracking introduction and afterword by Power), then I strongly recommend grabbing yourself a copy. 

Trust me, these are four incredibly entertaining tales in one complete volume.