I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get sick of blood-drenched pulp horror.  You know the stuff, where some maniac, or beast, or ungodly threat or other, goes on a rampage, slaughtering everyone that stumbles into its pathway of destruction.

The seventies and eighties churned these pulp horror treats out at a ferocious pace.  Sadly, these days, such over-the-top titles are few and far between.  But every now and again, an author brave the backlash from literary snobs and will fling one out to the pulp hungry masses.

Splatterpunk Zine’s Jack Bantry offers up one such tale in the form of his debut novella – ‘The Lucky Ones Died First’ (2017).  Think Bigfoot on the rampage in North Yorkshire, with blood and guts and crushed heads littering the woodlands.

Oh yes my friends, it really is that good…