When it was announced that Jörg Buttgereit was releasing a comic book that continued the ‘Nekromantik’ story, I have to confess, a small amount of drool might have escaped the corner of my mouth and splattered onto my keyboard.  For many horror enthusiasts, Buttgereit’s ‘Nekromantik’ films hold a special place in their collections (and their lives).
How many of you watched the two films on incredibly ropey, eighth generation VHS copies, with crackling sound, a fuzzy distorted picture, and severe colour bleeding throughout?  Just thinking about it brings back fond memories of being a student and staying up late with a bottle of wine, watching the films for my very first time.
Now, Buttgereit celebrates 25 years since the release of ‘Nekromantik 2’ (1991) with a comic which continues the story.  Written by Jörg Buttgereit and Martin Trafford, you’ll be pleased to hear ‘Nekromantik #1’ (2016) is perfectly in-keeping with the original films.
If you’re anything like me and loved the Nekromantik films, then you absolutely need this.
Beyond essential reading.