So here we are – Blog Entry #2.  The bank holiday weekend’s been and gone, and the websites now been up for the grand total of four days.  Since it launched I’ve been trying to sort out a few font and formatting errors that appeared, alongside adding in links to across the entirety of the website, now that the site is officially an ‘Amazon Associate’.

But hey, I’ve got a hell of a lot to smile about right now.  Not only did the launch go relatively glitch-free, but it’s also had so much more traffic than I ever envisioned it would have had during these early stages.  This is no doubt down to the help and support of those who have posted on their Facebook pages or tweeted on their Twitter accounts about the new site.  So a gargantuan “Thank you” goes out to all of you who have helped spread the word about the site.

I’m currently not on any of these aforementioned social media sites, however I am threatening to create an account at some point in the not-too-distant future; to help advertise and spread the word of DLS Reviews.  When, thanks to the help of my wonderful wife, I do finally have both a Facebook and a Twitter account set up, then please do add me as a friend (or whatever it’s referred to as).  I shan’t flood your pages with mindless drivel about what I’ve just eaten for my lunch.  It’ll just be posts on what’s new to the DLS Reviews and related info.

Anyway, there was a purpose to this blog entry…and that is that a new review has been added to the site.  This is for British author, Guy Portman’s latest offering – ‘Necropolis’ (2014).  I actively encourage each and every one of you to pick up a copy.  It’s one of those tales that just swallows you up with the unrelenting charm of the lead character.

Click on the below book cover to read the full DLS Review:

Or just go ahead and buy a copy from by clicking here: