Due to a recent illness (I slipped a disc in my back) I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading and drafting up reviews of late, but I’ve been unable to get myself in front of the PC for any reasonable length of time in order to upload the reviews with the cover art etc.

However, over the last few weeks or so I’ve managed to get this backlog of ‘sick bed’ reviews uploaded.

To be honest, I’ve been meaning to read Garth Ennis’ ‘Preacher’ graphic novels for a while now.  They’ve been sitting on the shelf, tempting me to pick them up time and again, with what I knew would prove to be some superbly entertaining and original storytelling.

And they didn’t disappoint!

So far I’ve managed to churn through the first four volumes.  Each one of these has been dissected and subsequently reviewed on DLS Reviews.  Obviously I’ll post up reviews of the remaining volumes as and when I read them (which’ll probably be quite soon).

Anyway, as is often the way on DLS Reviews, when I work my way through a series of books, I create a page of their own where you can access all the reviews.  As always, click on the covers to take you through to the respective reviews (currently just volumes 1 – 4).