If you’ve spent any time looking through the pages on DLS Reviews you’ll no doubt have noticed that post-apocalyptic fiction has a big role to play within the site.  I’m the first to admit that I love a downbeat end-of-the-world story.  And it’s not all zombie apocalypses out there.  Authors have come up with a vast array of triggers for bringing about Armageddon over the years.

One particular one is through the spread of a rage-fuelled virus.  A number of writers have explored the premise over the years – most notably James Herbert with ‘The Fog’ (1975) and then Alex Garland with ’28 Days Later’ (2002).

However none have explored this niche little subgenre with quite as much of a vicious, no-holds-barred vigour as Garth Ennis did with his ‘Crossed’ graphic novel series.  Now a long-running blood-drenched franchise with a handful of off-shoots under its belt, the ‘Crossed’ graphic novels, with all their graphic and extreme depictions of violence, have left one hell of a bloody smear on the post-apocalyptic genre.

DLS Reviews puts the first compilation ‘Crossed: Volume One’ (2010) under the scalpel…