With TV rights already sold to Lionsgate and Joel Silver (the producer of The Matrix, Die Hard and the Leathal Weapon franchise), along with a whole host of foreign edition rights having been agreed upon; US author Ezekiel Boone’s debut novel ‘The Hatching’ (2016) is pretty much the perfect example of hitting the ground running.

Billed as “The most terrifying thriller you’ll read this year” I’d be much more inclined to call it what it is – a truly unnerving arachnoid horror on a terrifying global scale.

Either way – if you like the sound of an intense creepy-crawly horror taken to near-apocalyptic proportions – then you really need to grab a copy of ‘The Hatching’ (2016).  Personally – it’s pretty much a dream premise for me.

Very highly recommended (especially if your aracnaphobic!).