Chances are you’ve not heard the name Duncan Ralston before.  If you have, and you’ve already read some of the Canadian author’s work, then you’ll probably be having the same thoughts as me.  This man can write horror.  And surely it’s only a matter of time before his name becomes well-known to the vast majority of the horror community.

The collection ‘Gristle & Bone’ (2014) was my introduction to Ralston’s work.  It includes his debut release – a novella called ‘Scavengers’ (2013), alongside six other grim, harrowing, thought-provoking and stomach-churning tales.

The last time I think I was this impressed with a new name in horror was when I first discovered Kit Power.  Although Ralston is very different style of author.  Where Kit reads like the reincarnation of Richard Laymon, Duncan Ralston feels like the end result of a coupling between Clive Barker and Mark Morris.  It’s messed up.  It gets under your skin.  But god does it make for good horror reading.

If you like horror then you need to order this book now.