Anyone who’s not already familiar with David Owain Hughes’ ‘Wind-Up Toy’ series are missing out on an absolute treat.  Okay, so the stories aren’t for everyone.  They’re all, without exception, a blend of extreme horror and filth-encrusted sleaze.

Following the publication of the first story ‘Wind-Up Toy’ (2016), Hughes went on to pen a further three novellas and three short stories – all written within the Wind-Up Toy mythos.

The entire series, including the final novella ‘Into The Playpen’ (which hasn’t been published outside of this collection) has since been collected into one beautifully presented hardback collected edition entitled ‘All Wound Up’ (2017).  Furthermore, the book includes a foreword from none other than yours truly.

If you enjoy extreme horror along with a good old ladle-full of sleaze, then trust me, you’ll want to pick up this book.  You won’t be disappointed.