Over the last week I’ve not only been busier than a two-dollar whore on nickel night (as the delightful expression goes) but I’ve also been lucky enough to churn my way through an advance reader’s copy of Clive Barker’s latest offering – ‘The Scarlet Gospels’ (2015).

To say I’ve been eagerly awaiting the gets my hands on this novel (like so many others have) is an understatement.  The announcement of its eventual release was one of the most exciting things I heard last year.  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive and a tad nervous when the novel arrived just over a week ago.  After the build-up I’d given it in my head, I started to convince myself that it couldn’t possibly live up to such expectations.

Luckily my worries were proved wrong.  ‘The Scarlet Gospels’ (2015) is every bit as incredible as I hoped it would be.  It’s a truly breath-taking novel; epic in its proportions but still somehow only 360 pages in length.  And oh dear god is it dark.

Buy this book.  Absolutely, unquestionably, essential reading.