Another new review has been added to DLS Reviews.  It’s for an anthology that was edited by Andy Remic and Wayne Simmons entitled ‘Vivisepulture’ (2011).  The brief behind the book was to offer up a collection of weird stories with the primary drive of presenting twisted deviations of normality.

And I have to say - mission well and truly accomplished.

It’s an interesting mix of some mighty strange tales, with some darn good names in there to draw in the punters (Guy N Smith, Wayne Simmons, Gary McMahon etc).

However, for some unknown reason, sometime after it was initially published on the likes of etc, the anthology was pulled from sale, and is now no longer available on and of these major retailing sites.  That said, (at the time of writing) it can still be purchased at Lulu:

Bit of a shame that it’s not easier to find and get hold of a copy as it’s a pretty darn good collection of weird stories.  So my advice – grab a copy from Lulu before it’s removed from there too!