“The tension created in the film is so gut-churning, so painfully intense, it becomes nigh on impossible to take your eyes off the screen even for a second.  In fact, so much of the film is designed to make its audience feel uncomfortable, that it’s hard to actually ‘enjoy’ sitting there watching it.”

“In ‘Monster’ you should expect nothing short of an unrelenting gnawing away at your base senses.  This is a film designed to creep you out.  Its whole sadistic aim is to get under your skin and mess with you, good and proper.  It pulls you into its uncomfortable embrace and gradually suffocates the life out of you.”

“A homegrown ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ festering just out of sight of our own everyday lives…”

DLS Reviews gets a sneak peek at Matt Shaw and Michael Bray’s feature film ‘Monster’ (2018).

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