Well DLS Reviews has undergone a very minor bit of surgery in order to accommodate a new addition to the site.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to add to DLS Reviews for a while now.  And now I’ve finally gotten around to doing it!  In a nutshell, the site no longer has the ‘Fear’ and ‘Skeleton’ menu links located along the Menu bar at the top.  Instead they’ve been replaced with the new menu link ‘Zines’.  Here you’ll be able to access the ‘FEAR Magazine’ and ‘Skeleton Crew’ pages via this main index page.  Plus the latest addition to the DLS Reviews Dissection Table…‘Splatterpunk Zine’!

So far I’ve just reviewed Issue One and added the cover scans for each of the issues to date (plus the chapbooks).  However, over the next few weeks (or whatever) I hope to provide an in-depth review of each.  The gloriously DIY zine (put together by Jack Bantry) is a superb publication full of proper splatterpunk / extreme horror shorts and the like.  If you like your horror on the nasty side, then this really is a publication you’ll want to get your gore-stained mitts on.

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