How time flies when you’re having fun!  Today, the 23rd May 2016, DLS Reviews turns two years old.  That’s two full years of obsessively in-depth and overly verbose reviews.  Two years of plaguing authors with stupid-ass interview questions.  Two years of hassling writers for exclusive stories for the site.  And it’s been a damn fine two years if I do say so myself!

To be honest the site has continued to be an absolute labour of love.  Sometimes painfully time-consuming (anyone who has their own website will know the admin burden I’m referring to – Jim?!).   Sometimes frustrating when there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get through the seemingly endless pile of books on my TBR pile.  And sometimes you do wonder why you’re dedicating so much of your precious time to an online reviewing website.  But good god is it worth it!

Over the last twelve months I’ve read some truly spectacular fiction.  I’ve discovered some incredible new authors.  And I’ve got to know a whole bunch of wonderful individuals within the horror and dark fiction communities.

I’d like to give a shout out to some people who have given such incredible support to DLS Reviews over the last twelve months.  You guys are what make DLS.  Thank you!

Justin Park, Duncan P. Bradshaw, Kit Power, Jim McLeod, Phil Sloman, Greg James, David Owain Hughes, Barbie Wilde, Tim Dry, Duncan Ralston, David Moody, Wayne Simmons, Graeme Reynolds, William Holloway, Rich Hawkins, Triston Thorne…

…and of course, as always my wonderfully supportive (and patient) wife.  I honestly do try to not spend every hour of every evening disappearing off into the study to write-up stupidly lengthy reviews!  I try!  But when I fail…sorry honey!

For those that I’ve not mentioned who often share my posts, hit ‘Like’ on my reviews, and actually spend the time to read through my ramblings – please accept my apologies.  I do notice your ‘Likes’ and your ‘Shares’ and I’m always eternally grateful.  Thank you all.

Here’s to another twelve months (and beyond)…

Chris Hall
(DLS Reviews)