Once again, apologies to all those who have sent messages and/or emails to DLS Reviews over the last week.  We’ve been away on holiday again, this time at Cirencester in the Cotswolds.  Not the best weather we’ve had – but at least it wasn’t raining all the time.

I went away with a mission to start and finish Stephen King’s novel ‘Under The Dome’ (2009).  It’s got a hefty page count on it (880 pages), so it was a challenge.  Sadly I failed, with a good 250+ pages to go.

So no immediate reviews to follow…

However, I can see that whilst we were away a tonne of people have visited DLS Reviews, most notably via the new Facebook page.  The publication of Adrian Chamberlin’s short story ‘Triskelions’ (2014) has had just shy of 650 unique views in its first week, which is excellent (and well deserved).  If you haven’t read the short yet then I strongly urge you to…it’s a cracker!

Anyway, time to unpack, respond to all the messages and emails, start to catch-up on everything else, and get ‘Under The Dome’ (2009) polished off.

All the best,

(DLS Reviews)