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NEW REVIEW: David Owain Hughes - Playtime, Simone (2016)

Posted by Chris Hall on Sunday, March 27, 2016, In : New Review 
What can I say?...David Owain Hughes is one twisted son of a bitch.  If you like your stories fit only for the gutter, then you’ll probably want to check out the author’s short story ‘Playtime, Simone’ (2016).  It forms a snappy little precursor to the already highly revered ‘Wind-Up Toy’ (2016).

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NEW REVIEW: Jonathan Woodrow - Wasteland Gods (2016)

Posted by Chris Hall on Monday, March 21, 2016, In : New Review 
Don’t you just love it when a new face arrives on the scene and from out of nowhere they blow everyone away with their debut offering?!  Well author Jonathan Woodrow’s done just that with his downbeat and intricately complex sci-fi horror novel ‘Wasteland Gods’ (2016).

Everything you once took for granted is about to be messed with.  Prepare to be ripped to shreds, flung into the unknown, and then reassembled into something unnervingly different on the other side.

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NEW REVIEW: David Lapham - Crossed 3D: Vol 1 (2011)

Posted by Chris Hall on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, In : New Review 
I’ve not read a graphic novel in 3D before.  ‘Crossed 3D: Vol 1’ (2011) offers up all the usual blood-drenched thrills and spills of the usual ‘Crossed’ graphic novels – only with the dismembered body parts seemingly jumping right out at you.

Expect all the usual over-the-top images of graphic violence and post-apocalyptic savagery – only with some serious limitations on the colour work…

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NEW REVIEW: David Owain Hughes - Wind-Up Toy (2016)

Posted by Chris Hall on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, In : New Review 
I’ve been meaning to read some of David Owain Hughes’ work for a while now.  And with DLS HQ being located in Porthcawl there was absolutely no chance I could refuse a twisted extreme horror tale by the author that’s set here.

Sporting the title ‘Wind-Up Toy’ (2016) I was expecting some sort of ramped-up ‘Chucky’ style horror only with a Welsh edge.  What I got was something entirely different.  Hughes offers up a cocktail of sordid depravity mixed with lashings of brutal and sad...
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