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NEW REVIEW: Barbie Wilde - Voices Of The Damned (2015)

Posted by Chris Hall on Thursday, September 24, 2015, In : New Review 
Every now and again a book pops through the door at DLS HQ that instantly gets me chomping at the bit to get reading it.  Barbie Wilde’s latest offering – a beautifully presented collection of her short stories entitled ‘Voices Of The Damned’ (2015) is one such book.

Crammed full of wonderful high quality full-colour illustrations, one for each of the short stories on offer, this is a book that grabs your attention and tempts you further and further into its pages.

The book will be rele...
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NEW REVIEW: J.R. Park - Upon Waking (2015)

Posted by Chris Hall on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, In : New Review 
On the verge of this year’s annual Guy N Smith convention, what better time to get stuck into a gruesome, grim and utterly brutal dark thriller by a self-proclaimed fan of Smith’s work.  DLS Reviews has already reviewed both of British author Justin Park’s previous offering.  Both were excellent pulpish tales in their own right.  But it’s with his most recent novel – ‘Upon Waking’ (2015) where Park has really come into his own.

There will be bloodshed…

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NEW REVIEW: Duncan P. Bradshaw - Class Four: Those Who Survive (2015)

Posted by Chris Hall on Friday, September 11, 2015, In : New Review 
Another sizeable break from reviewing (mostly due to not one but two last minute holidays to Tenby and Scotland) has resulted in a noticeably quiet couple of weeks at DLS Central.  However the silence has been broken by a new in-depth review – this time for Duncan P. Bradshaw’s sequel ‘Class Four: Those Who Survive’ (2015).

It’s an unsuspecting assault on the gut, delivering blood-drenched violent horror married with the very darkest of wit.

Oh how I enjoyed this one!

I’m also curren...
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